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When you wanna party on, it’s only right to arm yourself with the right eye gear — Sunnies Studios is here to help.

When you wanna party on, it’s only right to arm yourself with the right eye gear — Sunnies Studios is here to help.

If there’s anything that students look forward to in college, it’s the house parties. Imagine: no adult supervision and all the booze you can drink (responsibly) without getting carded? Yes!

A word of warning though: in college parties, anything can happen. When it comes to unchartered territories, it’s best to come prepared. This week, we list down a number of party people you might encounter and the Sunnies eyewear you’ll need to make sure you fit right in.


Awkward dinner party

The attendees go to parties for one reason and one reason alone: the food. They check the Facebook event page for clues on the party’s caterer. From birthday parties to actual dinner parties, they don’t miss any opportunity to get some good grub. If you want to see them in action, you better come before they dim the lights for the actual party. They usually make an escape right after they stop serving hors d’oeuvres.

Cher (P399), Truman (P499)

Dean (P399), Kerry (P399)


Pity party

Some people are not meant to go out for a good time. In a barkada, there must be at least one who’s forced to go to party because they’ve been in a slump. Whether that person is going through a breakup or just plain PMS-ing, there’s no escaping the rest of the group’s will power to drag them into a club. When you encounter these people, buy them a drink. They might need it.



(No) slumber party

Looking good for a party can be hard, but some people do it effortlessly. They are the epitome of Beyoncé’s “I woke up like this.” After all, they might have just woken up after coming home late last night. They throw on a pair of sunnies and they’re good to go to the next raver. If they could throw an after-party for the after-party, they probably would.

Suki (P499), West (P499)

Taylor (P399), Madelaine (P399)


Disco party

The world is their dance floor and, for them, everyone has come to see them perform. They take over the floor, the stage and every corner of the room where they can whip their nae nae. If you get dragged into their crazy choreography, don’t fret and just go with their groove. Dancing in a group is a good way to hide your outdated moves. (The sprinkler? Really?)

All sunnies are from Sunnies Studios.

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