Style swap: Una Ilarde and Aisha Causing

Friday the 13th is here! Instead of bringing out all our anting-antings to ward off the bad luck, we decided that we’d be productive and use this to opportunity to conjure up a ‘lil Freaky Friday magic.

Since we couldn’t pass up the chance to reference our favorite LiLo movie (next to The Parent Trap, of course), we tapped two girls of the Instagram-cool variety to swap styles for an afternoon.

Freelancer Una Ilarde and student Aisha Causing put together four outfits that reflect their personal styles no enchanted fortune cookies needed. Una’s style is what we’d describe as chic and sleek, while Aisha’s is colorful and quirky, so the results were straight out of our fave iconic teen films.  

Una Ilarde, 22, freelancer

How would you describe your personal style?

I always have a hard time with questions like this because I don’t like subjecting myself  to just one thing. I tend to say that I don’t believe in a personal aesthetic because I don’t like the idea that this is just my look. I like to try new things and I hate it when people go “Oh, that’s so not you.” No. Who are you to say that that’s not me? In terms of personal style now, I wear a lot of trousers. Living in Singapore, you don’t wear jeans because you’re gonna sweat. I’m not big on accessories. I keep the earrings I wear on because I’m never gonna take them off. So I would say it’s a mix of lazy girl who wants to still look put together.

I always say the same three names every time. It’s always Chloe Sevigny, Rihanna, and David Bowie. Not necessarily because I don’t want to dress like them, but more of because they don’t really give a shit about what other people think about what they’re wearing.


If you were to switch bodies with anyone, who would it be?

Locally, maybe Liza Soberano. Because I wanna wake up one day and be like “Oh, I’m still pretty in the morning.” Internationally, maybe Rihanna. Because what the f*ck happens in her day.


Can you tell us about what you’re wearing today?

Uniqlo trousers (my go-to), some Vapormax sneakers, a big sweater from Supreme and a fanny pack. I wore these because the pants don’t have a button.

Aisha Causing, 19, student

How would you describe your personal style? 

I get a lot of inspiration from the 90s and 80s, so I have a retro style I guess. It started around two years ago because I started binge-watching movies like Clueless. As I said, I get my inspiration from movies. At the moment, I’ve been checking magazines a lot. Like Dazed and i-D. They have lots of nice editorials and most of them are really nostalgic and retro that’s where I draw my inspiration.


If you were to switch bodies with anyone, who would you switch with?

I really like Lily-Rose Depp. Actually, she is kind of a style inspiration in a way. Locally, Yana Kalaw.


Can you tell us about your outfit today?

I stay in a condo so I have limited options. With the outfits I curated for Una, I kinda ran out of clothes to wear today (laughs). I still tried to make myself look nice.

Days are gone

“It’s nice to try out different styles ‘cause often we get too caught up in our own style so we don’t get to appreciate other people’s styles,” says Aisha.

Una adds, “You realize that maybe you wouldn’t think that something would look good on you until you’ve tried it out.”

Gingham gals

“For me, I liked the [look] with the gingham top, because I don’t usually bare my shoulders. I didn’t think I could pull it off, but with the high-waist pants, it actually looked good. I wanna be more daring with my choices now,” Aisha explains.  

Color pop

The matching yellow skirt and sweater were coincidental.

Throwing shade

Though it was hot out, the two served up some casual chic lewks in long-sleeved shirts. “I don’t normally layer because it’s always too hot, but since it’s sheer, it’s weather appropriate,” Una shares.

Photography by Kitkat Pajaro
Produced by Gaby Gloria
Art direction by Ina Jacobe
Special thanks to the owner of Lola the Pug

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