Sports Central’s new flagship store will get you excited about working out again

I’ve been taking working out seriously only recently, and let me tell you: it takes some serious motivation to get going. Even more so when you don’t have the proper gear to work out. I mean, we’ve all been through having to work out in old, ratty pambahay. What if your gym crush sees you? Not cute. There goes my motivation.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to look for the right gear. You don’t always get the best price when you’re only looking at one particular brand’s boutique, and no one has the time to go all around the mall looking at prices. It’s a good thing there’s Sports Central, a one-stop shop for active sportswear and lifestyle enthusiasts. It’s got everything you might need for getting fit: gym clothes, shoes, bags, the works.

Sportswear heaven: Sports Central’s new store in SM Makati has 1,000 square meters filled with the latest active wear.

Sports Central recently opened its 23rd store in SM Makati, and it’s their biggest one yet. Measuring 1,000 square meters, the place is huge. It’s got all your favorite brands covered: Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Under Armour, Asics, Fila, Skechers, and more.

This ain’t your typical clothes depot where they just dump everything in one place, though. The merchandise is curated so that you only get the freshest drops. The place is well-lit and spacious, with enough space to literally run laps around the store. The store’s design makes it easy to be in an out in a hot minute, and leisurely enough to take your time to look around. Now you don’t have a reason to look shabby chic at the gym.


Sports Central is located at the second floor of SM Makati. For more information, follow them on Instagram at @sportscentralph.

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