Sperry’s new 7 SEAS collection is built to weather through anything

The model of the Sperry shoe we’re all familiar with, it’s the kind that’s better suited to yacht-boarding and casual beach combing. Match them with a pair of khaki chinos and you’re most appropriately dressed for a summer stroll. It’s a look the brand has perfected — after all, Sperry has been making boat shoes since 1935.

Their new 7 SEAS collection though — that’s a different story. Designed in collaboration with the athletes of the America’s Cup (A.K.A. the dudes and dudettes who race yachts for a living), these new athletic boat shoes are built to withstand the kinds of conditions athletes expose themselves to when they’re going for the gold.

The Camo line from Sperry’s 7 SEAS collection.

Don’t think the 7 SEAS shoes is just meant for the water though. The design displays a sense of all-around toughness. Consider: Sperry’s signature 360 degree lacing system, a hydrophobic mesh, traction pads on the soles, and a special fitting mechanism that allows for both snugness and movement. Whether it’s hang-ten waves or rocky terrain, this beast of a boat shoe (because it’s still a boat shoe, albeit jacked on functional athletic strength) can roll with it.

This isn’t just tall-talking — I was lucky enough to try out Sperry’s black 7 SEAS both shoe are literally the most comfortable shoes I own. My loafers are for when I wanna go out for coffee; my sneakers are the go-to for gigs and shows; my boot-brogues are for… when I wanna look taller. I took the 7 SEAS out for a test drive (test walk?) with a whole-day Chinatown food crawl and everything what delicious and nothing ached. Land or sea, my dudes.

The Flooded line from Sperry’s 7 SEAS collection.

The 7 SEAS was launched earlier this month at Sperry’s flagship store in Trinoma. They come in black, blue, white, red, green, military fatigue patterns — whatever (perhaps literally) floats your boat. If you’re looking for a shoe to help you conquer the elements, you might wanna try one endorsed by freakin’ yacht racers.

For more information, visit Sperry Philippines’ website.


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