Shell celebrates students’ perspectives on art at 51st NSAC

Photos by Kleona Amayo


The non-tolerance of pursuing art as a career is still a significant issue. In most households when you say that you want to be an artist, it’s common for your family to give you the side-eye.

Luckily, Shell brings us an art competition that focuses on the artistic voices of students: the Shell National Students Art Competition (NSAC). Now on its 51st year, the NSAC has been a platform for the youth to show what they are made of through different forms of art. Through this competition, society can see that anyone (even young amateurs!) can dive into the world of art.

With 987 submissions covering genres such as digital art, sculptures, watercolor, and oil/acrylic pieces, the NSAC trimmed down its list of finalists, and invited us to its award ceremony last November 12 at the Ayala Museum. The event was filled with students and faculty from different colleges across the country.

Before the awards were handed out, oil painter and 30th Shell NSAC winner Ivan Roxas gave an inspirational message that was in line with this year’s theme: perspective. He mentioned that art is subjective and that everybody has their own perspective about art. For the students that did not win in this year’s competition, don’t be discouraged as your time will come.

As the names of the artists were called one by one, their classmates, friends and loved ones cheered them out. Some were even chanting their school name in pride!

Given that NSAC has been a starting platform for renowned national artists such as BenCab, Ang Kiukok, and Cid Reyes, there’s no doubt that this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing these students’ work in galleries.   

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