Seven tricks to keeping your ish together

Art by Elle Shivers

If you’re frazzled by this month’s rush, it’s time for some real talk: the universe isn’t going to slow down, nor does it owe you any pick-me-ups. Finding order within the disorder is your call, but we’re here to help you out. Here’s how you can be your own cheerleader:


Notes from yours truly

Wake up to encouragement via Post-it notes on your bathroom mirror. Jot down quotes along the lines of “You can do it!”, stick them on before sleeping, and check them out in the morning during your daily ablutions. Read, rinse, then replace them when needed.


Screensavers for the strong

Pen and paper may not be your thing, but maybe going digital is. Leave the inspirational typography to your lock screen wallpaper; change it depending on your mood. This option comes recommended for people who look at their phone more than their mirror.


Happy sounds only

You’re digging a deeper grave by listening to #hugot, woe-is-me type tunes. Save the melodrama for when you can better handle it, because what you need right now is either a.) upbeat tones to jolt your spirits, or b.) a ~chill pill~ in the form of a mellow playlist. Blast your lineup from speakers or earphones, and let the music guide you.

RT for sanity

While it’s important to stay woke, your feed’s gotta be encouraging, too. Follow pupper accounts, wholesome meme pages (or dank ones, whichever brings the good vibes), food porn… anything goes, as long as you see some mood boosters amid today’s screaming headlines.


Look good, feel good

Reflect internal peace through your exterior. Wear a lucky shirt, bright colors and all, or don something fit to slay. If your OOTD makes you feel powerful, go ahead — commemorate it with a selfie.


Self-care package

Think time-capsule emergency kit: stash away your favorite noms, thingamabobs, reading material, and whatnots in a box for the time being. Open and enjoy when desperate.


Call in the squad

Sure, you can be your own head cheerleader, yet you’re going to need back-up at some point. Phone a friend or two, and talk the issues out. Then maybe grab some drinks after. In the name of self-love, you totally deserve it.

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