Seven people you meet at every music festival

Art by Jer Dee

There’s nothing quite like bonding over good music with your friends. Blasting your faves over speakers at house parties is great, but chances are, you just keep on listening to the same old “Ultimate HOHOL” playlist every time you round up the gang. Attending music festivals is a great way to change it up. From big foreign acts to your college blockmate who’s now an up-and-coming indie artist, you’re sure to discover new music in that kind of setting. But aside from the stellar lineup, people also come for the vibe. Bumping into other attendees is a big part of the festival experience too. Here are seven festival staples that might just become your new concert buddy.


There’s always that one kid who comes super prepared. Umbrella, cap, mats, fans, medicine, safety pins, band aids—you name it, he has it.  He follows you around and it can get super annoying. But he’ll lose his head once his favorite band—the reason he’s in the festival in the first place—finally plays his favorite song. Swiping his music festival v-card might just be the best decision ever, and he will tell ~everyone~ how much you and the show changed his life. Chances are, you’re his fave festival buddy and he’s probably already planning for the next festival… and the next one… and the next one. Yay?


Also known as the stag, he comes alone and has no problem with it. He’s the guy wearing a sando, short shorts, fake Oakleys (yup, even at night), a cap, and marijuana leaves print high socks paired with OG Jordans. He’s also that guy that you’ll see just about everywhere. He’s not a stalker, but he just really really wants to be your friend. Everybody’s friend, actually. Sometimes, he spots and hangs with different barkadas and is labeled as the friend of a friend (he’s really not). But if there’s anything we can learn from him, it’s that you don’t need a squad to have fun. All you need is to love music and yourself enough to get lost and dance like no one’s watching. #FreeSpirit? Nice one, bro.


She’s the girl you’d want to be stuck with for 10 hours in the festival grounds. She’s got everything from the lineup schedule to access to special restrooms (read: air-conditioned portalets) all thanks to her organizer friends. She can get you in and out of the moshpit without bumping and exchanging sweat with some rando. Her years of music festival experience makes her a borderline know-it-all. But all of these actually make her the designated driver/babysitter. Having her around is a free pass to get wrecked (ya know what I’m sayin’?) but she’ll also make sure everyone’s okay. Trust us, you need her.


Ahhhh, young love. Attending a music festival together is a milestone in any relationship. It might have taken them months of cheap siomai and rice dates, but they made it and you can’t do anything about it regardless of how much they MOMOL in front of you. Sometimes you get a bit jealous, wanting to have a shoulder to rest on. Like, literally. You can see they’re each other’s BFF and sometimes that, and great music, are all you need to have the time of your life. BRB *sobs in the corner and chugs beer*


You’ll often find them at the back, vibing to the songs they probably don’t know the lyrics to, and with a beer and that burger you can’t afford on hand. The music that they’re listening to may have changed, but their love for the festival scene remain the same. That, and they’re probably there to chaperone their kids—your friends—too. Small talk with them is kinda like that conversation during reunions that you try to avoid. But if you stick around long enough, they’ll definitely get you and your friends something to eat too.


Shirt with the band’s name? Check. Friends wearing the same shirt with the band’s name? Check. Punny sign with lyrics from a song by said band? Check. They sing too loud. They know too many “fun” facts and they won’t shut up about it. There are no tag-along friends (that guy who’s just down for the free pass) in this squad. Their passion sometimes annoys the sh*t out of you. But remember, hardcore fans are what make (Third) World tours happen. God bless them.


Three things: iPhones, power banks, and sponsored posts. Don’t underestimate them tho: they can do a “What’s in my bag?” flatlay, #ootd post and a live stream of the festival all at the same time, and still have time to talk to their granny via Messenger. You’ll probably end up unintentionally photobombing their selfies (they take a lot) and chances are, you’ll be watching the show from their phone screens. You can politely talk to them about it. But let’s be honest, you’ll probably end up seeing them online anyway and sharing their video of the beautiful chorus of that song that you were busy crying to, because, well, they kept receipts. Lots of them. #Influencer, amirite?


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