Here’s why TV isn’t dead

Brighter (and clearer) future ahead: We can now enjoy Netflix shows like the Marvel series The Defenders, Mindhunter, and Star Trek: Discovery in 4k and HDR. | Photos by Ina Jacobe

The long wait is finally over. Stranger Things is back on Netflix and just like everyone else, I prepared to dedicate a day to binge-watch my fave gang fight off Demagorgons in one go. After getting work and errands out of the way, I turned on my laptop to watch it. A few minutes in and I was already gushing over how the cinematography and color looked so much better than the first season. Even through my laptop’s retina screen is doing an A+ job, man, I know a bigger screen would’ve done much more justice to the show’s incredible visuals.

Over the years, Netflix has greatly influenced the way we consume our entertainment. Days of mindlessly changing the channel for hours are over. Remember having to wait a week for the next Gossip Girl episode? Yeah, those were dark times. More streaming services provide us with a wider range of content and more viewing options for our shows. As TV series and films go online, we have control over our viewing experience more than ever. With a click of a button (specifically that S06E10 button, AKA the finale), you can now know who Gossip Girl is without having to go through Chuck and Blaire’s messy relationship. You’re welcome, XOXO.

Long live television: Despite increasing options and mobility, large TV screens remain the first choice for entertainment.
Ctrl + Esc: Smart TVs from Sony and LG now have Netflix buttons on their remotes.

Now that technology is literally at the peak of its game (newsflash: there are now Smart TV remotes that have a Netflix button), what more could be in store for us in the world of entertainment? Netflix knows that people have always enjoyed watching TV and this fact won’t change anytime soon. So last Oct. 25, they held a series of discussions in Singapore to talk about how television is still king when it comes to entertainment.

Consumers are now discovering a new world of entertainment in their homes via connected TVs. The demand to further elevate the quality of our entertainment experience challenges digital platforms to produce better content and movies. Advanced technology gives more viewing options, allowing us to personalize what we want to see, when we want to watch, and where we want to view it. And in an age when everything we want is almost literally at our fingertips, Netflix wants to seamlessly fit wherever its audience is connecting from.

Multi-device connectivity and contextual entertainment allow Netflix users to access their favorite shows on any device that they want depending on their recreational needs. I mean, for the love of Cole Sprouse, I watched Riverdale’s pilot episode on my laptop during breakfast and finished watching it on mobile in my Uber just so my friends and I could seamlessly discuss it in our group chat that same day. *cue collective sighs*

Should I stay or should I go?: Getting cozy in Netflix’s Stranger Things 2  room in Singapore.

Serial show binge-watchers — much like you and I — know that the ambience can make or break our viewing experience. Shows with twenty-minute episodes like Chewing Gum or Crashing can be watched over our smart phones before going to sleep, no kidding. You just need to prop up your phone with one hand and listen through your earphones. Fun fact: you can even finish a whole season in one sitting without feeling guilty because it’s that easily consumable. But shows like Mindhunter and movies like Okja demand longer sessions and more focus from the user, which means that the person will be opting for a more comfortable surrounding and a bigger viewing screen. While we can access our shows across a number of gadgets through online streaming, the big television screen still remains the optimal viewing device for all users. Thanks to the technology gods, Smart TVs, media streaming devices such as Apple TVs and Chromecasts, and game consoles such as Xboxes and Playstations allow any individual to discover and enjoy Netflix through this connected TV experience.

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