This school year, replace your chunky leather shoes with sleeker silhouettes

Nobody likes a teacher’s pet, but everyone appreciates a classmate that can get the job done and keep it chill at the same time. We get it. With group projects, student council meetings, terror professors, and bumping into your campus crushes, there are like so many things to think about. But your feet shouldn’t be one of them.

Lucky for us, our fave Skechers got our back. Their latest back-to-school collection has everything from classic black shoes to cool athletic and casual sneakers, but with Memory Foam cushioned footbeds. If you’ve ever dreamed of going to school with the comfort of your pajamas (TBH, you’ve probably done that already), then this is the closest thing for your feet. Think: walking on soft pillows, but actually looking professional enough to get you access to the school library. The Memory Foam molds perfectly to the person’s foot and adjusts based on temperature and pressure. No pain, no problem. The collection even has different designs for all kinds of campus situations you might find yourself in this school year.

A stuffy leather shoe is the last thing you need in a stuffy classroom. If you’re the type of gal who prefers a sleek and classic silhouette, the Cleo is a perfect fit. Think: your trusty black leatherette ballet flats, but with actual arch support. For the dude who wants to keep it cool (literally) and classy, something like the Skechers Lanson — full-grain leather oxford shoe with Air-cooled Memory Foam might just be your thing. If you’re looking for a black shoe that has more stretch and breathability, the Casswell-Aleno with a DressKnit upper and bungee lace is for you.

Nobody wants to go straight to lecture after a PE class, but not a lot of us have that choice, am I right? The Go Run Mojo is the lightweight trainer with shock absorption and superior cushioning that will get you out of the gym and straight to the lecture hall in a jiffy. No more pit stops to your locker on the other side of the campus because this pair is as athleisure as it can get. But if you’re up for something extra at the gym, the Skecher Street Moda lets you sport a lil’ sparkle with metallic overlays and rhinestone accents, and a whole lotta comfort. And yes, it has Memory Foam too.

The start of a new school year is really about being equipped with the right gear to keep it A+ all the way to finals. There are a lot of things we can’t control. But when it comes to keeping it stress-free, getting a cozy pair for your feet is a good place to start. You can thank us and yourself later.


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