Say aloha to Poke/Poke Manila

Keeping it fresh: Poke/Poke Manila only sources their ingredients from artisans and local farms to guarantee the quality of their bowls.

Locavore power couple Speedy and Alta Lyttle come bearing Christmas gifts for everyone in the form of poke bowls. This Hawaiian superfood is the latest food craze that is currently taking over Los Angeles and New York by storm. But thanks to Poke/Poke Manila, we won’t need to fly out of the country anymore just to taste this delicious dish.

Poke/Poke Manila sources their food from artisans and local farms. They want to emphasize the quality of the ingredients used in each bowl to assure that their dishes are at par with the best poke in the world. Although poke is known for its simplicity, tastemaker Chef Kel Zaguirre, crafted their poke menu in a way that could cater to both their conservative and adventurous customers.

Super bowl: A must-try if you want to know how the classic Hawaiian Poke tastes like.

More than just your usual deconstructed sushi stop, they allow their diners to customize their own Poke/Poke bowls by choosing their preferred grain, protein, veggies, flavors, and add-ons. A variety of fresh options are available to accommodate your palate — ranging from the usual white rice and garlic chips to the special quinoa and caviar.

While Alta says that the traditional Hawaiian poke is hard to mess with because of its classic taste, she still encourages everyone to experiment with its versatility. “You have to try the Basic dish if you really want to know what they serve in Hawaii. I would also recommend my personal favorite, the Cali dish — the taste is very simple and not complicated at all,” she says.

Poke/Poke Manila is ready to serve you the freshest poke bowls starting December 10, 2016 at L/G South Wing of Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City.


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