Saved You A Google: MMFF 2017 fees, Janet Napoles’ acquittal, Aika Robredo’s scholarship, and Macron’s win

In this week’s edition of Saved You A Google, a common thread belies the news items Young STAR curated just for you. “No Chill” is the right phrase for it, and this time several parties make an appearance. On one hand, the general public.  On the other, the government. There are some  sudden developments we totally get, a hundred and ten percent.  Others however leave us scratching our heads.

MMFF 2017 has a change of heart

In the name of “artistic excellence” and “audience appeal”, and after months of “thorough” deliberations and dialogues, new rules are in order for this year’s  Metro Manila Film Festival. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty safe to say that we’re back to the dark ages. Half of the entries will be selected from script submissions (say hello to Enteng Kabisote chapter 100), and the other half will be from completed film submissions (actual gems from independent film outfits that the festival would happily pull out of theaters right away). People are also voicing out their concerns over the application fees, P30,000 for script submissions and P50,000 for film submissions, in the hopes of being an MMFF contender. Apparently, the committee has been charging the same fee ever since, but seriously? That “operational” fee alone is enough to cover production for a small-time motion picture.

WTF, Janet Napoles is free.

In this week’s W. T. F. segment, the Court of Appeals acquitted pork barrel scam kween Janet Napoles of the illegal detention rap she was sentenced to last year. The reversed ruling comes after doubts were raised by prosecutors claiming insufficient evidence supporting her culpability in detaining Benhur Luy (a key whistleblower in the multi-billion peso scam) against his will.  In effect, the higher court has then ordered Napoles’ release from detention unless confined “for any other lawful cause”. We can hold Duterte’s Solicitor General responsible for recommending her acquittal in the illegal case, and Associate Justice Normandie Pizzaro for writing and actually allowing the words in paper to come to life. So not fetch, people.

Everyone’s salty about Aika Robredo earning a Harvard scholarship

Aika Robredo’s  detractors (read: the government), attempted to sabotage her legitimate admission to the famed Ivy League school. Mama Leni cried foul, and had every right to, by the way, as a very public letter made its rounds on the World Wide Web. It cited the family’s incapability to send Aika to such a prestigious university, and came to the conclusion that our dear VP resorted to ill-gotten wealth to support her daughter’s further studies. But hold up, isn’t a scholarship as huge as Harvard’s awarded because of pure academic merit and quite frankly, nothing else? We thought so too.  

France’s new leader and what his victory means to the world

Who knew that in the 6th of May 2017, history books would be rewritten to make Emmanuel Macron (branded as the inexperienced one who has never held elected office) France’s head of state? This comes in the heels of the economy-minister-slash-banker beating out Marine Le Pen by an unexpectedly wide margin in the lowest turnout for a French presidential vote since 1969. His victory means a win on for the European ‘globalist’ France, the country’s prodigal son return to the heart of the EU. This also means re-engaging diplomatically with the U.S. and contributing to lasting political solutions in Syria and elsewhere. We’ve been told, however, that he has a lot of convincing to do from his end. You go, Glenn Coco!

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