Saved You A Google: Comic Con Edition

This year’s Comic Con seemed to open the floodgates for trailers, giving us a generous taste of what to expect from some highly expected releases, from Marvel and DC’s cinematic universes to a certain show about supernatural happenings. Sci-fi enthusiasts are probably having a field day right now.

Stranger Things 2 is going to happen and we have so many questions

After the conclusion of season 1, Stranger Things ended up asking almost as many questions as it trained to answer. Is Eleven 11 alive? What’s up with Will Byers? And the trailer for Stranger Things 2… doesn’t answers those questions, but references them, meaning we’re sure to have whatever suspicions we have confirmed or blown out of the water once the show comes out. All we know for sure at this point is that all the retro references scattered throughout the trailer are cool as hell. Old school arcade games! Ghostbusters! Thriller!!!

The new Justice League trailer actually looks pretty promising

A whole lot of buzz has surrounded the much anticipated DC cinematic team-up. From directorial duties going from Zack Synder to Joss Whedon, to rumors circulating of Ben Affleck giving up his Batman role after Justice League, clearly a lot of invested hopes are riding on this movie. If we’re reading the trailer right, all we know is where happy to see Wonder Woman kicking more ass, and that hints of a resurrected Superman might just make this the superpowered blockbuster to watch.

Thor: Ragnarok brings the thunder

Not to be outdone by DC, it looks like Marvel is fighting back with its own team-up. The official trailer for Thor: Ragnarok shows our favorite foolhardy god of thunder assembling his own ragtag team to battle Hel, the goddess of death, and boy, what a team it is. You’ve got Hulk, the friend from work. You’ve got the badass Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson. And in a pleasant turn of events, it looks like Thor has added Loki to his squad of already overpowered bruisers, which means re-introducing Tom Hiddleston to a cinematic universe desperately lacking in, well, Tom Hiddleston.

A movie for Ready Player One is in the works and we’re losing it

Finding out that Ernest Cline’s seminal sci-fi magnum opus is getting a movie adaptation, you wonder why it wasn’t done sooner. Nonetheless, it’s happening, and it’s hard to imagine anyone more perfect than Steven Spielberg at the directorial helm. For those who haven’t read the book, the story is set in a dystopic future where most of society has taken to living inside a virtual reality called the OASIS. Chaos breaks loose when the guy behind the program announces in his will that whoever finds the Easter egg he’s hidden in OASIS will get to inherit his fortune and corporation. Wade Watts, who will be portrayed by Tye Sheridan in the film, is the character who finds himself in this whirlwind of video game references and cutthroat competitive game play. Spot the Iron Giant in the trailer.

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