Everyone’s favorite turntable just got an upgrade

Everyone’s favorite turntable just got an upgrade

Satchmi’s new Motorino Mk. III strikes the perfect balance of old school charm and modern-day tech essentials.

We’ve all dreamed of owning a turntable at one point in our lives. You probably first heard about its sonic magic from your lolo’s stories from back in the day. That, or you saw one on your friends’ feeds and wondered how cool it must be to own something as tangible as a longplaying vinyl record. But just because our generation is obsessed with all things nostalgic doesn’t mean our turntables have to be stuck in the past.

The new Motorino: Motorino Mk III.

Enter Satchmi’s new Motorino Mk. III. It comes with tech features that we never thought we even needed on a turntable. First of all, it now has an integrated amplifier. If this won’t get you and your friends fully into a groovy mood, then having the option to connect your Motorino Mk. III to your trusty external speakers via Bluetooth might just do the trick. But if you’re looking to have a feels listening party for one (Of Monsters and Men, anyone?), the built-in headphone jack might just be your new best friend. But no matter how much we want to show off this portable player, nothing beats the convenience of having music on your phone. Lucky for you, this Motorino has a vinyl-to-mp3 converter that let’s you do just that.

The lure of owning a turntable is the quality of the listening experience: no Third World Internet streaming or P50 earphones can ever match that. It’s been almost four years since our fave Satchmi launched the original Motorino. They gave us the turntable of our millennial dreams — cool minimalist design, lightweight AF, and affordable enough to not break our (imaginary) banks. The turntable game has changed so much from what our lolo used to tell us. But as long as Satchmi is around, you can bet that quality listening experience will just keep on going.

For more information, visit www.satchmi.com or the Satchmi store at 4F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

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