The Samsung Flip is designed to be the ideal club meeting companion

There are two things that students often look forward to at the end of a long school day: catching up on the TV show they’re currently binge-watching (shout-out to the new season of Terrace House), and after-school club activities. While chilling in your PJs with Netflix is a good reward after long, grueling hours of learning trigonometry, being part of school clubs is also the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends who are in other sections.

We recently discovered a new club-meeting companion in the form of the Samsung Flip. The 55-inch digital flipchart has an innovative touch display for your presentations. You can also watch videos and play music by connecting any compatible devices or your laptop via HDMI cable. It’s like a tablet, but controlled by a giant stylus. What makes it different from your typical blackboard is you can actually email your meeting notes directly from the screen. Now, you will always have a copy of the minutes, and not accidentally delete them from your photo library.

From keeping track of your student council agenda to illustrating the costume for your drama club’s next production, the Samsung Flip is flexible and portable screen that will make any meeting extra fun. Here are other ways different clubs can use it:


AV Club

One of the most suprising things about the Samsung Flip is it has speakers, which means you can play music and watch movies on the screen. If you’re looking for a more seamless setup than a laptop and projector, the Samsung Flip is the way to go. What’s even cooler is that you can resize the screen on the Flip to make way for possible notes on the side. Any lines from the script that strike you? Alternative songs you want to include in the film’s OST? You can jot everything down on the Flip while the video is playing.


Entrepreneur club

Making presentations can be fun if you have the right tools to make it. Gone are the days when Prezi dominated the school projectors, because now we have apps like Paste where you can create simple and beautiful presentations in an instant. If, by any chance, one of your groupmates isn’t present on the day of your big bake sale proposal presentation, you can always Skype them onscreen. We’re pretty sure Samsung Flip’s 55-inch UHD screen can fit your classmate and your presentation. Now that’s a presentation that can beat any TEDtalk.


Catechism club

If you studied in a catholic school, chances are you’ll have a club like this. For those unaware, your club adviser basically asks you to create a whole Bible lecture for kids in a particular barangay. It’s all fun and games until they ask you to do a reenactment of the nativity story, costumes and all. Lucky for you, the Samsung Flip is complete portable so you can wheel it off to wherever you’re teaching for the day. You get extra cool points from your kids for bringing in some cool gear.


To learn more about the Samsung Flip, visit Samsung’s Facebook page or their website.

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