This rewards card comes with its own virtual butler

There’s a reason why your mom’s wallet seems to have more pockets than a pair of cargo pants — she needs to make enough space for every reward card out there. But what if you only need one that puts every other point-earning program to shame? Well, the Ayala Rewards Circle (ARC) might be the only thing you’ll have to bring with you.

Imagine a rewards card that comes with your own virtual butler — free of charge? The ARC has a 24/7 international and domestic concierge that can help you with every need, be it reserving for a restaurant to booking tickets for a family cruise. The perks themselves are pretty sweet, too: you get exclusive room rates at Ayala hotels and resorts. You get preferential treatment at Globe stores and BPI; think of all those queues you can jump. Oh, and the best part? You get free valet parking at select Ayala malls.

So how does one qualify? You simply need to be any of the following: a private or preferred banking client at BPI, a Globe Platinum subscriber, an Ayala Land Premier, Alveo or Avida property owner with a purchase of at least P3 million (purchased in the last seven years), and a Honda, Isuzu or Volkswagen client with at least P1.25 million worth of purchases or a cumulative P2 million purchase (bought from an Ayala dealership in the last five years). Trust us, once you tell your parents, they’ll be thanking you.


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