Retail colossus IKEA will be setting up its largest store in Manila by 2020

I don’t know about you, but building my house on The Sims video game is something I take very seriously. It taught me that certain furniture and decor can directly affect a person’s mood and this is a personal rule I still live by. It also taught me that these things don’t come cheap. And while I can’t type codes like “Rosebud” or “Kaching” to help pay for my future dream home IRL, at least we’re getting an Ikea store soon here in Manila and that’s like the same thing. Sort of.

For the uninitiated (and where have you been hiding?), Ikea is a Swedish home furnishing retailer that’s famous for smart, minimalist designs at an affordable price. No, Ikea won’t magically give you money, but the multi-level stores carry a wide range of items at various price points to make sure you can fill your personal space with things that make you happy.

We’re just counting down the days now that Ikea (pronounced “ee-kay-uh,” BTW) has officially found its way to our side of the world. Here’s what we know so far.

Play house: Ikea PH will have everything from affordable minimalist furniture to Swedish meatballs.

Ikea PH is going to be the largest store in the world.

Yes, you read that right. The 65,000-square-meter property will be located within the SM Mall of Asia complex (specifically where the open parking lot between MOA Arena and SMX used to be). The construction has begun and is to be completed by the end of 2020.


We can buy online, too.

While the Ikea PH store will only have two floors for shopping, trust us when we say that it’s still going to be massive. Like, four people can walk down the same aisle without bumping into each other kind of massive. The remainder of the 65,000 sqm. (still not over it, TBH) will house operations and stocks for a soon-to-be-launched online store.

Bring on the meatballs.

Everyone who’s ever visited an Ikea store abroad knows that their Swedish meatballs are just as popular as the furniture. The Manila store will house the famous Swedish Bistro and Food Market where we can all enjoy a much-needed post-(window) shopping refueling.

Bonus: Ikea PH is hiring.

With a big store comes big responsibilities, and the Ikea Southeast Asia team is looking for Filipinos to be a part of this adventure. They’re looking for help in areas like finance, marketing, IT solutions, and even customer relations. Visit for more information.


Ikea PH will open in the Mall of Asia complex at the end of 2020. For more information, visit

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