Record Store Day makes its way to Manila with Satchmi

Heads up, vinyl enthusiasts: Satchmi is finally participating in Record Store Day (RSD), and is the first shop in the Philippines to have the honor.

Conceptualized in 2007, Record Store Day started off as a way to celebrate the thriving culture and community of independently owned record stores in the United States, bringing the owners, employees, customers, and even bands and artists together. It has since grown to include stores from around the world, and this year, Record Store Day’s 10th, Satchmi joins the fun with a bunch of promos, freebies, announcements, and other cool surprises in store.

So what if they can’t stock any RSD exclusives yet? To more than make up for it, they’re holding a Red Crate Sale: records and their signature Motorino Mk. II players can go for as much as 20% off at both Megamall and UP Town Center branches. Satchmi Club members even get the perk of an extra 10% off records.

On April 22 and 23, the store will release pre-signed vinyl records by selected local artists and give out free RSD pins for every purchase. If you’re unable to visit the stores, feel free to celebrate at home with a 10% discount on all records and the Motorino Mk. II on Satchmi’s website.

Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful new tradition.

Satchmi’s Record Store Day festivities will take place until April 23. For more information, visit and

Header image via Satchmi on Instagram
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