QUIZ: Tell us what your relationship status is and we’ll give you a Valentine’s Day playlist

There are a lot of things we can’t explain, but nothing’s more complicated than being in a relationship. While we can’t even put some of our emotions into words, we’re lucky to have music to do that for us. Simple. Poetic. Universal yet familiar at the same time. Falling in and out of love is unique for everyone, but there’s a certain truth that you just get as you experience it. (Hint: This is probably why you bawled at the scene in Call Me By Your Name with that Sufjan Stevens song.) So in the spirit of love month, Young STAR collaborates with DJ and Sony EXTRA BASS ambassador Rammy Bitong for a series of mini playlists based on what kind of relationship you are in.

For someone who’s surrounded by music 24/7, Rammy admits that music wasn’t his first love. He’s a radio jock by day, events host and DJ by night. But while he was a dancer first, he built his career around music to better communicate the rush of emotions that come to him with every beat. So whether he’s manning the deck at the radio station, hyping it up in his DJ booth at a gig, or even going on a trip with his friends, he carries with him his fave Sony EXTRA BASS products (the Sony MDR-XB950N1 headphones is his go-to) to make sure everyone around him gets lost in the music and in the moment. The right music at the right time can make us feel understood, and the Sony EXTRA BASS line amplifies that experience even more. Take this quiz to find out what kind of relationship you are in and which songs Rammy recommends that you should listen to.

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