What happened at Purveyr’s third issue launch

There’s no “I” in team, as the old saying goes. Today’s hyper-connected world has not only made getting work out there easier than ever, but also finding like-minded people and working with them. To celebrate this, Purveyr magazine launched their third issue, titled “Collaboration,” at Hub: Make Lab in Escolta last May 13.

The event was a whole-day affair, with various pocket events throughout. Readers were treated to a coffee in The Den, the coffee shop tucked away in one of the cool corners of Hub. Apart from the coffee, there was also a pop-up barbershop by Slick Barbers Co., known for their sharp fades and slick pompadours. There was also a live print-screening session by MAFK, which featured a design that was illustrated by artist Carl Mendoza specifically for the launch.

The highlight of the event came as the afternoon spilled over into the golden hour, with a talk on the theme of collaboration, featuring several creative industry professionals. The speakers were Gabriel Villegas of The Den, Bianca Holganza of lifestyle story General Merchandise, Reymart Cerin of graphic design studio The Public School Manila, and Kay Lavin of Kalsada Coffee, which champions Philippine specialty coffee and partners with local coffee farmers. The talk, which was moderated by Marika Constantino of the artist-run space and initiative 98B Collaboratory, discussed the importance of collaboration in each of the speakers’ practices, how to find and what to look for in a good collaborator, and what to do when a collaboration fails. And to further the afternoon’s theme, members of the audience were encouraged to ask questions at any time during the discussion, in true collaborative style. To cap off the day, there were performances by a number of local acts, including MNL$, Leon.e, the Hernandez Brothers, and Pillow Talk.

If anything captures the spirit of collaboration, however, it’s the team behind Purveyr itself. The magazine is run by a two-man team, which consists of editor and brand director Marvin Conanan and business director Sara Martinez. The pair has been working independently with a number of different contributors for each issue, proving that creating work, even something as ambitious as a magazine, is possible when you work with the right people.

To order a copy of the latest issue of Purveyr or see a list of stockists, visit purveyr.com.

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