A public apology from a BTS stan to her family and friends

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Dear family, friends, and other non-stans,  

I’m sorry being extra scatterbrained from last Friday to today. You gotta understand that it was BTS’s comeback weekend, and anything related to “Love Yourself: Tear” just had to be consumed by me.

You may already know that I’ve been stanning BTS a.k.a. Bangtan Sonyeondan, a seven-member K-Pop group based in South Korea. What led me to stan them was: 1) They’re from a small agency called BigHit Entertainment, 2) The members are very involved in writing and produce their own music, and 3) This video:  


Lately, they’ve been making their mark both in Korea and overseas because of their devoted fanbase called ARMY. Many ARMYs are doing the Most — they tirelessly translate all the content, organize fan security measures, decode the symbolism in the music videos, and memorize fan chants.  

This casual-turned-borderline-obsessed ARMY *points to self* doesn’t do much beyond the extent of tweeting excessively about them and learning the choreo (or at least trying to), but I try to keep up.

I can’t help it if I find a link to the Sunday lunch ulam to BTS (OMG Suga eats pork too!!), or that I feel the need to explain how the Blood, Sweat, Tears music video is inspired by Herman Hesse’s Demian.  


In K-Pop, new album releases are called comebacks. When a group has a comeback, it usually kicks off its lengthy promotional tour with a comeback stage on a music show, which is essentially the first performance of the album’s main single. Here’s where the big deal is: BTS held their comeback stage for their single Fake Love at the Billboard Music Awards, which is an American (!) awards show.  

My whole weekend was spent anticipating this particular stage because aside from it being their second performance in a major American awards show, it was the first time a K-Pop group did a comeback in the West.

Sometimes we also do crazy things like miss work or step out from meetings for the sake of fandom. In my case, I was in the middle of a meeting and had to excuse myself for a sec to freak out over the stage.

I tried to type live reacts from my phone, but the whole thing went by so fast and this is the play-by-play I came up with, raw and unedited:     

Although this incoherent keyboard smashing is good for the giggles, they don’t contribute much to the discourse. I’m including a rough stan twt to English translation (STAN TWT – ENG TRANS) for your reference.

  • Kelly Clarkson introduced BTS wearing hot pink earmuffs, which was cute.
  • The smoke machines  
  • Jin killed it as center during multiple parts of the song. I feel like a proud mother.
  • The fan chants were so loud! Though it would’ve been more impressive for the American audience if this song included a bit where they recited all the members’ names.
  • BBMAs camera director, I’m sorry but there were way too many shots of the audience?  
  • Jungkook just lifted his shirt; wow they’re really out to get their fans with this stage
  • I’m so impressed by Suga’s flow!
  • The end chorus, love you so bad.

As you can see, BTS killed me.

So that’s it. That’s apology for talking about them non-stop over the weekend. I’ll be back to regular programming starting next week, so don’t worry. Just a heads up that I may be starting every conversation with “neol wihaeseoramyeon nan / seulpeodo gippeun cheok hal suga isseosseo” from now on. Not sorry about that.

P.S. If any of this got you interested in BTS, here are some good videos to start:


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