The PS4 titles that you can re-commit yourself to this Christmas break

Gaming with your cousins is probably peak Christmas vacation activity. You know the deal: your extended family comes over for the annual holiday lunch bearing edible gifts that will stuff you until 2019. The grownups share juicy family gossip while you and your other cousins, not quite fitting in at the children’s table, find a spot where the internet connection is the strongest or where the nearest PlayStation is at.

If one console isn’t enough, you can add more to your collection with a special sale happening until Jan. 2, 2019. Limited-edition bundles, PlayStation 4 Pros, PlayStation Classics, and PlayStation VRs are available for P3,000 off when you buy from authorized dealers. That’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

If you ever tire of losing in NBA 2K19, here are other 2018 releases you can play with your cousins. These are mostly adventure games so it’s a journey you can enjoy together. It may be Capricorn season but there’s no room for more family drama when the grownups are making chika.

God of War

Following 2010’s God of War III, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s 2018 rerelease of the game is just as bloody as the original version. But this time, Kratos — the story’s main dude — has a child. He and his son Atreus embark on a quest filled with monsters and maybe mushy father-son moments. The family aspect is a good enough excuse when your mom tells you off for playing a violent game in front of the children.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Yes, you’ve probably seen this on everyone’s wish list this Christmas and it’s for good reason. It’s that good. In this game, you can swing in the streets of New York like Peter Parker (or maybe Miles Morales if you’re still not over Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and fight Kingpin and his big shoulders. For sure your gaming-obsessed cousin already has the game so it’s high time for you to finally try it.

Monster Hunter: World

Listen, when your titas open a bottle of wine at lunchtime, you best believe that they’ll end their kwento by dinnertime. You have lots of time to play. Monster Hunter: World is a nice game if you enjoy character building. It has some action moments too, but what we enjoyed the most in the game is picking hairstyles and facial features for our characters and exploring its lush world and getting to know the other characters.


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