The Prettyish blog for curious makeup newbies

The Prettyish blog for curious makeup newbies

Visual artist friends Daniela Go and Shy Cabajar start a makeup blog for fellow prettyish girls.

When visual artists and illustrators come together, you’d think that they’d be in for an art collaboration. Instead of an artwork, Daniela Go and Shy Cabajar give us Prettyish: a cute makeup blog for curious makeup newbies.

Prettyish started because of Daniela and Shy’s passion for makeup and beauty. Whether or not they decided on this while having a sleepover — with face masks on, no less — we will never know. But we can confirm that they started the blog because they thought that it was time to find an avenue where they could ramble about the products they use.

All the days they spent following makeup vlogs and blogs religiously, and hoarding products with cute packaging have now been put to good use. In the blog, you’ll find cute illustrations and comics on makeup how-tos, get a peek of what they have in their makeup bags, and what their beauty and skincare routines are.

YOUNG STAR caught up with the two to find out more about their blog, the way they merge art and beauty together, and their makeup favorites.

YOUNG STAR: What does makeup mean to you?

Shy Cabajar: It’s almost like an art to me, especially with lips. Most of the time I really can’t leave with just one flat lip color on because I really enjoy mixing shades until I get the right color I want or the perfect gradient blending.

Dani Go: It’s a lot of fun, but it’s secondary to me. I’m really more into skincare and getting that “natural radiance”. *hides from all the makeup bloggers with pitchforks*

Will you ever infuse your art with the way you put makeup on yourself?

SC: For me, I think I’ve somewhat already infused both. Being an illustrator, most of my makeup looks and preferences are reflected in my beauty illustrations and vice versa. Since to some extent, we end up being a reflection of our drawings/illustrations/art styles.

DG:  Ditto. Well, it’s more my preferences for monochromatic looks and palettes.

Prettyish co-founder Dani Go is into skincare and getting that “natural radiance.”
Makeup is almost like an art for Prettyish co-founder Shy Cabajar.

Do you remember the first time you used makeup?

SC: Yes! It was one of those cheap lip glosses in a roller ball container back in grade school. But in all seriousness, I really started getting into makeup when my mom and I ended up looking at liquid eyeliners. Having uneven-looking eyes myself, it really caught my interest.

DG: It was always just lip balm for me for the longest time, but I don’t think that counts. I only really remember getting my face made up by my mom for most every major event: graduations, prom, and ball. And I didn’t love or hate it, I just did it because it was the norm. I have since changed my mind about it, and I like it a lot more now.

If you were to minimize your makeup pouches to just 3 beauty items, what would they be?

SC:  Two of my favorite nude lipsticks, and my eyebrow pencil.
DG: Lip balm, lip tint/lipstick and concealer

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