#PowderYourPout with Maybelline’s latest matte lipsticks

You may be asking yourself, are matte lipsticks still a thing? News flash: They never really went out of style, but there were some concerns. Personally and I think a lot of you can relate to this dilemma I found a lot of my matte lippies get too dry and heavy on my lips shortly after application. Dehydrated is not a look anyone is going for. Lucky for us, that’s not going to be a problem because Maybelline is saving the day.  

15 shades of great: Maybelline’s Powder Mattes have a vast selection of color options to choose from. (L-R Plum Perfection, Touch of Nude, Red-dy Red, Up to date)

Maybelline’s new line of Powder Mattes by Color Sensational are lightweight with a silky finish unlike your usual matte lippie. They won’t get all over your clothes, cups, and other people’s faces. The collection has 15 shades ranging from nude, red and pink. It won’t be difficult to look for your MLBB (My Lips But Better) — or in this case, Matte Lips But Better. No need to pop out your compact mirror every 30 minutes to do a quick retouch. Those days are gone, girl. You’ll be flaunting that everyday makeup look effortlessly.

The Powder Mattes go for P299 a pop. Give ‘em a swatch, hoard ‘em before you leave and thank us later.

For more information about Maybelline, please visit their Facebook.


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