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Okay, kid. Let’s talk business. Remember those times when you read headlines about illiteracy rates and drug abuse and your head went into a “Why Isn’t Anyone Helping Them” rage? Or when you complained about how the traffic was burning a hole in your pocket? Let me tell you a secret: you can do something about it. No, this isn’t about passing a bill that will ban cars from passing through EDSA when you’re there. This is about taking small actions and setting achievable goals that can affect change.

We know that you, dear reader, care for the welfare of others. This is why you’re reading this in the first place. But there are still others who would rather complain on social media than take action. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And there’s no better way to catch the youth’s attention than posters that are more attractive and appealing than the ones you usually see in your guidance counselor’s office (if you even bother looking at them). A single person cannot create absolute change, even if you’re the president of Earth.

This week, we asked four illustrators to create modern propaganda posters. We’re not talking about war here (though we really should), but these are some of the problems that the youth is facing today. So cut ‘em up, put ‘em on your walls or share ‘em with your friends.

(art by Manila Automat)

While the literacy rate of the Filipino youth improved from 92.3 percent to 97.5 percent last year, there is still work to be done. There are underprivileged kids who don’t experience the right to education due to lack of resources. So go out there, volunteer in tutorial programs and share what you know. Some of you might spend a lot of time tweeting unsolicited “wisdom,” so why not transform that passion into teaching basic education to kids who need it?

(art by Alyssa de Asis)

Yes, we know. Traffic is awful in Manila. But like most things, it’s just a matter of looking on the brighter side and finding the silver lining. If you’re going to be stuck on C5 for the next three hours, why not invite people to carpool (and probably sing the entire “1989”) with you? Not only is it ideal for your pocket, but it also keeps your sanity intact and prevents you from raging over truck drivers who don’t stay in their lane.

(art by Ches Gatpayat)

No matter what popular media says about illegal drugs, it still does more harm than good. There’s really nothing better to do than to stop using them. We know quitting is easier said than done but easing your mind (or your friend’s) into the idea of stopping is already a step ahead. If it fails, there are rehabilitation centers that are willing to help.

(art by Mika Bacani)

You might not see it at first glance but bullying is still prevalent among the youth. Just look the number of times people are made fun of for being “basic” or being “too gay” in your Facebook feed. No one has the right to give anyone crap if they like pre-Jealous Nick Jonas or holding hands with their boyfriends. So stand up for others and their absolute human privilege of expressing themselves. Because, honestly, the “food chain” makes more sense in the animal kingdom than in your music collection.

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