Ponds organized the perfect sleepover with Gabby Garcia and their new clay range

The concept of a sleepover is probably the best thing that ever happened to an only child. There are just some days when you want extra hang time with your friends until the late evening to fill that void of not having a sibling. As an only child, my parents used to forbid me to stay at my friends’ houses for the night. You know the deal: they’re worried for your safety, they think you’ll do unspeakable things like talking to boys (*gasp*) and staying up past 10 p.m., etc. So instead, I mastered the art of organizing one in our house.

We put those skills to good use when Pond’s invited the YS team over at Discovery Primea for a slumber party to celebrate their latest ambassador and new product range. From proper meal scheduling to making sure that everyone’s needs are met (agreeing on aircon temperature is a pain in the butt), here are some tips we learned for organizing a good sleepover that even Blair Waldorf would be proud of.

Let’s clay: The newest Pond’s girl threw a major sleepover that Blair Waldorf would be proud of.

Pre-ordering takeout

Because of Christmas traffic, you can expect a huge delay in food delivery. If you’re planning on having takeout for dinner at 8 p.m., order two hours before for maximum efficiency. There’s nothing worse than a grumbling stomach while setting up your TV for a long movie marathon ahead.

Catching up with friends

Pond’s created a cute little setup to gather everyone sleeping over. Everyone got their content on lock with GIF and flatlay stations, all while sipping a glass of sweet tea and munching on sleepover snacks. Gabbi Garcia, the newest Pond’s girl extraordinaire, was also there to join the fun. We asked her: who else does she want to invite to the sleepover? “Emma Stone and Kendall Jenner. Weird mix but we can all learn from each other,” she says.

Exchanging skincare tips

One of the best things about sleepovers is you get to try your friends’ nighttime skincare routine. Pond’s made sure that we did. Made of 100-percent natural origin Moroccan clay and bio-minerals, Pond’s Mineral Clay Facial Foam gives your face a deep clean without drying it out. If you want to take your skincare further, the Pond’s Clay Masks are the perfect complement. At P29 per sachet, you can either get a D-Toxx Treatment or a Brighten Treatment. The sachets are completely resealable so you can save the rest for the next sleepover.


Pond’s Mineral Clay Facial Foam and Pond’s Mineral Clay Masks are available at leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide.