Perea Street’s collab with Johnnie Walker was the funnest thing ever

Photos by Ripley Abrea


Hear me out: the boys of Perea Street are influencers, if influencers were actually cool.

Think about it. Bloggers and influencers and thought leaders market themselves as charismatic individuals and use that brand identity to endorse whatever product their sponsors tell them to peddle. But it’s all signifiers and no objective signified thing to those people, no actual personality to the picture. Judd Figuerres, Edsel Uy, and Julo de Guzman though, are actual content creators who happen to be really funny dudes, whose charisma and streetwear unboxing videos have made them virtual King Midas endorsers — whatever they touch is bound to turn to gold.

That’s why their collaboration with Johnnie Walker was so dope: fun people plus the best scotch whiskey to enjoy with friends are always a good mix. This collaboration took the form of the celebrated whiskey brand opening their new Johnnie Walker House in Greenbelt 3 with a party.

Whiskey makes for good highballs, but y’know what makes a Perea Street highball? Pop rocks. No joke, Perea Street put together two highball recipes that jived with the ‘90s-themed party the collab put together. The Johnnie Flamingo is made of black label, pink lemonade, lemon lime soda, and pop rocks sprinkled around the rim like salt on a martini. Think of it as an upgraded Happy Thursday cocktail — sweet as hell and deceptively strong. The Johnnie Vanilla reimagines the classic root beer float with a mixture made of root beer, Black Label, and a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. I didn’t know I could have dessert and get my drank on at the same time, but I do now.

As if this party wasn’t generous enough — DJs Jess Milner and Butta B spent the night pumping the crowd up with hits from the ‘90s and early aughts. Perea Street also surprised us with exclusive merch. First we got an exclusive Perea Street fanny pack which came in red black, clear and transparent ( way more fly than any of the crap Supreme is putting out, if you ask us). We also got, weirdly enough, a back to school kit: a clear envelope containing a Perea Street poster, stickers that reference jokes from the boys’ highly successful IGTV show (including the off white lady), and a notebook, that looks as though it were designed after the artista notebooks of our childhood. Move over, Harry Potter John Lloyd.

These drinks and drops embody the kind of cheekiness and fun that makes Perea Street so lovable. If you happened to miss this night though, it’s cool, you still get to drop by the new Johnnie Walker House to get a taste of their highballs. Be sure also to drop by their Holiday Whisky Fair, which also happens at the House, from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. By then they’ll be debuting their White Walker scotch, which we’re just going to assume isn’t a Game of Thrones reference, but a new whiskey that’ll make you look like the most ballin’ gift-giver this Christmas season. So ballin’ you’ll almost be as genuinely cool as Perea Street.



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