Palaman: a taxonomy of classic childhood bread pairings

Photos by Ina Jacobe

There are certain experiences and sensations we associate only with childhood. Take taste, for example. Like how Ri-Chee crunchy milk chips aren’t really things you consume anymore, but whenever the mood hits you to have some, you’re taken back to a certain type of feeling. (Now you’re craving for Ri-Chee crunchy milk chips. You can probably find a bag at the nearest sari-sari store. We’ll wait, it’s cool.)

Us at Young STAR we’re nostalgia junkies so we did this, but with sandwiches. We teamed up with Migs Santiago of 28 Derby to see which breads go with which of your childhood fave bread spreads. Something to be mindful of the next time you’re in the mood for some self-care via nostalgic carbo-loading.

Burger buns and ham and Cheez Whiz

A ham and cheese sandwich is a classic, right up there with Ang Huling El Bimbo and Citizen Kane. Put that on a burger bun, how can you go wrong?

Best for: Baon, during breaks. A ham and cheese sandwich, at its very best, tastes like recess.

Sourdough and liver spread

Liver spread is the kind of thing you eat when you really wanna indulge in something flavorful and couldn’t care less about calorie counting. “Liver spread is a very rich, fatty spread so you don’t really want to pair it with something all too sinful as well.” Thus, for owner Migs Santiago, sourdough bread is the best bread for the job — light and plain, perfect for holding something so freaking rich.

Best for: A midnight snack. One of those, “I had dinner at 7 but now it’s 2AM and I need something to make me feel lethargic in a good way” kinda situations.

Baguette and sardines

Because 28 Derby’s sourdough and baguettes are made from the same stuff, this pairing follows the same logic of the liver spread. “The heaviness of the tomato sauce the sardines come with is cut beautifully by the baguette’s acidity, while the crust adds an extra textural component missing from a meal of, let’s say, sardines and rice.” Not pictured, but recommended nonetheless: scrambled eggs. Get on it.

Best for: Lunch. Hearty but not too heavy.

Brioche and peanut butter

This pairing though is full-on sinful. “Brioche is a sweet, fluffy, but oddly heavy kind of bread made with eggs, sugar, and a whole lot of butter,” says Migs. “The fluffiness of the crumb and the crispiness of its thin crust elevates the creaminess of the spread, but definitely does a number on your hips and thighs.”

Best for: Breakfast! But on a weekend, specifically. Why have something heavy before going to work when you can have it while bingeing The End of the F***ing World?

Pan Cubano and margarine with white sugar

“It’s just… trashy Philippine childhood sweetness put onto a bun. What’s not to love?” ‘Nuff said.

Best for: Merienda. With instant coffee or hot chocolate.

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