Ooma’s new space in Makati is offering new exclusive dishes

The only thing that works well with the blazing summer heat is aburi maki, and our favorite sushi place Ooma opened a new space in Salcedo Village where you can try it all.

Inspired by the inner market of Tsukiji, Ooma Sushi Bar’s vibes mirror the look of their other stores but accentuated with wooden slabs on the wall, plastic crates and very cute wall art. (Spot the dinosaur poster for a good time.) But the real winners are the wooden crates outside the store where you can dine and drink al fresco by the streets of Salcedo. It’s designed so that you can sit on top on the stairs, place your feast on the crates, and put your bags and stuff under them. Cute and functional.

Tsukiji dreaming: Ooma Sushi Bar’s new look was inspired by the inner market of Tsukiji.

Aside from the fresh look, Ooma Sushi Bar also offers an exclusive menu. You can now enjoy your old faves with new offerings such as Salmon Miso Maki, Crab and Kani Maki and Kimchi Gyoza. But TBH, the real showstoppers are the Pork and Squid Takoyaki Aburi Bowl and Salmon Aburi and Spicy Tuna Aburi Bowl. The big rice plates are enough to fi ll anyone up with happiness during the lunchtime chill.

If you happen to be walking around the sweltering heat looking for a decent place to eat, make sure that you’re wearing sunscreen. We all know that a good burn only looks amazing on aburi makis. 

Feast friendly: Kimchi Gyoza, Crab and Kani Maki, Salmon Aburi and Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl

Ooma Sushi Bar is located at 136 Paseo Heights, Salcedo Village, Makati City. For more information, check out @oomasushibar on Instagram.
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