On a high with Greenwich’s Hawaiian Overload Pizza

If there’s anything I confidently believe in, it’s that food is the ultimate universal language. We all need to eat at least thrice a day, and consuming food makes everything (and everyone) better afterwards. For me, amidst the raging divide and aggressive arguments between pineapples-on-pizza apologists vs. pizza purists, I can’t help but think that everyone is fighting over nonsense.

You know why? Because pizza is for everybody.

Considering that Filipinos love our sweet food, it’s no surprise that we love pinya on our pizzas. Despite the unending memes and Gordon Ramsay’s opinion about them, our go-to local pizza and pasta chain Greenwich decided to put the spotlight on their beloved classic, the Hawaiian Overload Pizza. Aside from the sweet and juicy pineapples, Hawaiian Overload also has the goodness of two kinds of savory ham, smoky bacon, and green bell peppers. Loaded with generous heaps of mozzarella and cheddar cheese on its freshly baked crust, this Hawaiian pizza will sway even the staunchest of pineapple pizza detractors.

So go ahead and preach peace amongst your family and friends by treating them to a Pizza Party day. Don’t hesitate to order the Hawaiian Overload Pizza because… *whispers* pineapples do belong on pizza.

Visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria, or call Greenwich delivery at #55555 and get the deliciously different goodness delivered straight to your door.


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