#NoMoreBookmarks: in which we finish all the books we’ve left unfinished

Photo by Gaby Gloria

You know how it usually goes. You buy a whole bunch of books knowing full well you’ve got rows of unfinished titles on your shelf at home and you tell yourself, this time I’ll finish ‘em all. But you don’t. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

Now that we’re in the “ber” month stretch of the year (and currently reaping the cosmic energies of Virgo season), we figure this is a good time to clean up and get all our stuff organized. That being said, we’re starting a simple little project: actually finishing the books we’ve left unfinished throughout the year. Or throughout… life. I know, I know; breathe in.

This is the goal: from now until the end of the year, we try our damned hardest to finish as many unfinished books on our shelves as possible. Ideally what you’re left with is a shelf 100 percent comprised of books you’ve read from cover to cover. Imagine that, guys — a personal library that actually accurately represents the sum of your knowledge. It’s all part of a little movement we’re starting: #NoMoreBookmarks. Because no good book deserves to be left unfinished.

We really wanna make this a project we all do together, so here’s how you can participate: Take a picture of the books you plan on finishing this year, and tweet it to us with the hashtag #NoMoreBookmarks. Whether you bought ‘em this year or way back, whether you’re starting from the first page or you’re halfway through, it’s all good. We wanna know what your ~literary journey~ looks like, the books that make you who you are, the books you may have left behind once but decided to pick up again.

Here’s hoping that, in sifting through your personal libraries, y’all rediscover a book you were, once upon a time, excited to read. We here at Team YS are pretty excited to do the same. Happy reading!

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