All of the Noise was a smorgasbord of powerful concert moments

Photos by Enzo Tan

By Jam Pascual and Gaby Gloria


All of the Noise was worth all of the hype that led up to its culmination. And we’re not just talking about the international acts that came through, what with the likes of Boy Pablo and Phum Viphurit jumping straight out of our Youtube algorithms and onto the real life stage of Century City Mall. The whole gig was a powerful showcase of acts from all over the country, proving The Rest is Noise’s dedication to taking what we love about local music and elevating it all to a stage high enough for everyone to see.

That isn’t to say the gig wasn’t without its hitches. The first day was mired in technical difficulties, with sound levels sputtering and equipment refusing to cooperate. Still, there were a few moments in the show that really stood out to us. Here are seven highlights from what was a year-ender gig for the books.

Buwan Buwan Collective’s laptop boyband set

Beats courtesy of Similar Objects, Lui, Young Sleepy Boi, Ize, Alisson Shore, Ahju$$i, Like Animals, Nights of Rizal, Moonmask, Jason Dhakal, Bedspacer, Pure Mind Quiet Heart, Tito, Andrew Florentino, Carlo James Maaliw, and Miguel Carlos Tarrosa — *breathes*.

When Ben&Ben started Maybe the Night and the whole room erupted in song

We were already aware of how surprisingly intense a Ben&Ben concert could be and this song was just another reminder that they’re basically folk rockstars.

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When Cheats came back after stopping mid-set due to technical difficulties

Some issues with the sound cause a brief intermission during Cheats’ set. It lasted for so long that bassist Manny Tanglao had to leave before they came back on, but it wasn’t a total bust —we got to see Jim Bacarro shred it out on the bass while Saab and Candy kept the crowd energy going with their vocals.

The sign language interpreters during pretty much the entire show

Some members of the deaf community were in attendance on Day 1, so kudos to the All of the Noise team for having people interpret the songs with feeling, air guitar and all. We were even told the bands had to submit lyrics to the team beforehand.

That time She’s Only Sixteen covered thank u, next for a minute and a half

Right before transitioning to Favoritism. Thematic congruence, y’all.

The reunion finale song of Mellow Fellow’s set

The man behind Mellow Fellow, Polo Reyes, used to play for a band called The Benchwarmers. And while the other members, like Polo, went on to pursue other creative endeavors, Mellow Fellow’s last song saw Polo invite old vocalist Andy Chlau (a.k.a. Sean Palomares) on stage for a performance of a Benchwarmers song — a treat for hardcore fans and a moment of friendship most people only see in reunion tours.

When Yellow Fang, Sobs, Cosmic Child, and Elephant Gym came out and hooked everyone by the end of their set

Part of what made All of the Noise so tight was how, with its curated lineup, they presented a show that gave us a deeper look at the larger Asian music scene. And while Thai act Yellow Fang, Singaporean acts Sobs and Cosmic Child, and Taiwanese band Elephant Gym may not have as large a fanbase as their co-headliners, their stans in the crowd came through and rocked along. By the end, everyone was a convert.

The sight of IV of Spades coming up through the fire exit, going on stage, playing a total of four (4) songs, and exiting just as quickly as they arrived

Can you spell POWER?  


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