The National Breakfast Day survival kit

Art by Shy Cabajar

Breakfast is relegated to an afterthought, eaten in a hurry or on the go, and this usually means getting a Sausage McMuffin and an orange juice at the nearest McDonald’s drive-thru.

On March 13, National Breakfast Day, participating McDonald’s branches will once again be giving out one free breakfast sandwich to every person able to grab a coupon when they’re handed out at the door from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. Customers may be given either an Egg McMuffin, a Sausage McMuffin, or a Burgerdesal.

Now that’s something to wake up for — but it’s not wise to come unprepared. If you think you’re ready to brave the long lines and all-out pandemonium, you better have packed the following essentials.

Something to keep you occupied

Sure, you can bring your standard staples like books, a tablet, or your trusty phone, but why not go the extra McMile and dig up a walkman with the classic Jasmine Trias Love Ko ‘To promo CD or even your favorite Happy Meals, like those super-cool 8-bit SEGA mini games?

Your summer arsenal

Temperatures are steadily rising and it’s time to combat those harsh rays. Think day at the beach, but with more pavement than sand: bring a cap or a floppy hat (or even a visor, if you’re feeling 2004), a fan, and whatever else you’d like to cool off with.

Comfortable clothing

Breakfast just tastes better when you’re in your PJs. But if you’re not used to going out in your morning best, it’s still ideal to wear something that helps you beat the heat and is easy to move in. Sport your long-forgotten cargo pants with large pockets to store extra sandwiches.


Maybe the sun’s too bright and you need to shield your eyes. Or maybe there’s an absolute cutie also in line who’s beginning to look like the personification of “I’m lovin’ it,” and you need to check them out without being too obvious. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Chewing gum

A pack of gum can go a long way. You can blow bubbles to pass the time or you can chew it after to get rid of burger breath. The ideal scenario, however, is to use it to make friends with the aforementioned cutie so you can say, “Kita-kits!” and share a table with them inside.

A buddy, of course

The ultimate essential! Who else would reenact the iconic Karen/Gina commercials with you? Who else would act as your wingman or wingwoman and help you catch your crush’s attention? Who else would debate with you about what Grimace is really supposed to be?!

Extra cash

In a perfect world, all breakfast is free, for all people, all day, all the time. But because the freebies are limited to a 1:1 ratio of sandwich to person, and what with the elusive nature of the breakfast menu, you might as well go for seconds.


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