Naked as we came: in praise of the nude human form

Being comfortable in our own skin isn’t always easy. And being in nothing but your skin is even harder. Being naked, even if we’re by ourselves in the safety of our personal spaces, can make us feel like curling up into our own ball of flesh, reaching for the nearest piece of cloth to cover our bodies. We’re inclined to see nothing but our flaws, bumps, curves, scars, and other things defined as “imperfections.”

Is it because we’ve been conditioned by society that a “perfect” body means having the right proportions, the clear- est skin and the shiniest hair? Tell me: when was the last time you felt good about what you saw staring back at you? We’re pushed to become healthier, tighter, leaner; made to think that the key to happiness is looking “better” than your peers. If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we are beheld by an Instagram filter. And for what?

Look: you’ve only got one body, only one of you. The truth is — and you prob- ably already know this — that only you can decide how you feel about your body. That only sounds like a cliché because it’s true. And if that means coming to terms with the shell you were given at the factory or putting on a fresh coat of paint and erasing each and every dent, do it. Do it. Screw what anyone else thinks. Screw ’em.

Photos by Cru Camara
Produced and styled by Neal P. Corpus
Modeled by Mersi Carballo
#art #photography #self

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