Nadine Lustre shares her photography secrets

Shoot and listen: Teen queen Nadine Lustre shows off Sony’s new range of headphones, speakers, and cameras.

When you’re constantly on the go but have a need to get those creative juices flowing, packing can be a nightmare. Especially the trips where you have to pack light. Imagine bringing along a tiny backpack, while lugging around your DSLR, headphones, speakers and laptop. And it gets a little trickier when you actually have to be creative for a living.

It’s a good thing, then, that more companies are beginning to cater to the needs of such an intrepid many. The latest of these tributes is Sony’s renewed partnership with Nadine Lustre, as they unveil their newest audio and visual products. A company’s brand endorser, after all, tells a lot about it — what it deems important and what values it keeps. And with Nadine — dubbed the embodiment of both sound and style alike and well-known Instagram slayer — it’s one step for youth, and a well-deserved hurrah for overtaxed creatives.

Alam na nila kung anong kailangan mo… They know what’s up,” says Nadine when asked what gives Sony a competitive edge over other brands. She illustrates this further by noting the user-friendly aspects of Sony’s new line of cameras and speakers. “I travel a lot. This camera is so small, so it’s so easy to put (the Sony ILCE-5100) in your bag or just hang it — it’s not heavy at all. Like sometimes, na ako lang mag-isa, no one takes photos of me, so you can just flip the display and take a selfie… For the music naman, what I love about it is that (the Extra Bass speakers) last for a long time, so you don’t have to always charge it, and we can’t always charge our speakers.”

Swivel selfie: the Sony ILCE-5100 and the Sony SRS XB10

And while Sony’s new products line goes well with Nadine’s lifestyle, there’s still a lot to enjoy for us mere mortals. (But hey, aren’t we all Nadine Lustre sometimes?) Aside from the compact, light and selfie-friendly nature of the Sony ILCE-5100, it’s also got an array of lovely lenses for your photography needs, as well as an intuitive touch screen panel. It is WiFi-capable so you can immediately send that snap for a quick edit-and-post. Sony’s Extra Bass line, while being battery-durable (the speakers can play music for up to 16 — yes, 16 — hours!!), it’s also got a clear, crisp sound that’s perfect for rocking out in your room or on a beach front; just hook it up to your device via Bluetooth. And finally, no need to take off your buds every 30 seconds with their Extra Bass headphones and their wrap-around fit. Just plug and play, and you’re free to get lost in the music. Also, the MDR-XB950N1 headphones are noise-canceling. Just sayin’.

As Sony aims to “inspire the youth, and equip them with the best tools to make this happen,” according to Sony Philippines line care managing director Nobuyushi Otake, and with Nadine back as ambassador, it seems like the future’s bright for them millennial hustlers. In the meantime, we’ll just be spamming the #NadineforSony hashtag.

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