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Watching an awards show that is meant to be broadcast live is like watching a magician reveal their tricks. On TV, things are always happening: award speeches, performances and exciting surprises. When commercial breaks come around, you’re left wondering if you’re missing out on anything.

lack and blues: Teen stars Nadine Lustre and James Reid win Favorite Media Soundtrack for their song No Erase.
Black and blues: Teen stars Nadine Lustre and James Reid win Favorite Media Soundtrack for their song No Erase.

To provide some words of reassurance: you’re not, at least in some cases. At the MYX Music Awards 2015 held last March at SM Aura Premier’s Samsung Hall, when the show was on air, the smoke machines blew and the lights put on a spectacle, but when it was commercial break, all was quiet, save for chatter amongst the crowd.

However, losing momentum is never a problem with the right performers. Sandwich delivered a scorching performance of their latest single, Kagulo. They only played one song, but they played it with all the intensity and force of the encore of a full-length concert. The synth pop band Autotelic made their live TV debut that night as well, playing one of their biggest hits, Misteryoso, showing why they’re one of the fastest-rising independent bands of the scene today.

Sarah Geronimo stole the spotlight as the pop diva incarnate, belting out her latest hit, Kilometro, with breakneck dance moves. She has won 23 trophies over the course of her career: the highest number of trophies in MYX history. The highest award of the evening, the MYX Magna Award, was given to Rey Valera for being an icon and stronghold of local music. Christian Bautista, Kyla, KZ and others paid homage to Valera with medleys of his songs.

During commercial breaks, I had a lot of free time to browse through the list of nominees, which yielded some fascinating insights. A Daniel Padilla video that PUP Students directed was in the running for Favorite Mellow Video. Even K-Pop was now part of the awards, with its own category for Favorite K-Pop Video. It was also during a break that I realized that Kamikazee’s onstage acceptance of the Favorite Rock Video trophy was among the last times people would see them onstage before they go on a long hiatus.

A magician is there for a reason: to awe and enchant, which is just what the MYX Music Awards does. When else do the biggest performers gather together, and on top of that, put on a great show? That’s magic right there.

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