This is what you missed at the Bandwagon Birthday Tour

Photos by Lorenzo Yabes

Birthday parties for three-year-olds aren’t exactly milestone events. But for the go-to online Southeast Asian music portal, Bandwagon PH, their third birthday bash last Saturday was more than a celebration — it was an experience. Doing a birthday tour around Metro Manila isn’t exactly what one would call the “usual”. Going out of the gift box for this one, Bandwagon had pulled off a birthday tour that was every audiophile and gig rats’ paradise.

Drop the heavy sigh and deep regret of not hopping on their birthday wagon. We’re here to give you a little recap tour of our own. From brunches with folk music to dancing and moshing out for our favorite local bands, here’s the lowdown on what went down during their birthday tour.

Teardrops on my guitar: Niki Colet plucked at her guitar and our heart strings.

We started the day over easy at Frank & Dean at The Burgos Circle, and we’re not just talking about our truffle eggs. An array of folk musicians served as the background while everyone enjoyed Bandwagon Brunch, the first leg of the birthday tour. Niki Colet plucked at her guitar and our heart strings; Coeli drew the crowd closer as she moved us with her cello-driven modern folk-pop stylings. We ended brunch on a good note with Leanne and Naara’s soothing melodies while taking a final sip of our cup o’ joe.   

All aboard: we rode a party bus to all the Bandwagon Birthday Tour destinations.

After that we went on our way to the super top secret, NDA-level Bandwagon Hush. Our journey getting there wouldn’t have been complete without music, and who else to provide it but the electro-Kalimba musician Bea Lorenzo? Ditching her usual elaborate electro set up for her Kalimba alone, she serenaded us with her renditions of pop classics like The Beatles’ Blackbird to her intricately crafted single Ilye Nay.

Putting our deerstalker hats on, we tried to Sherlock our way to discover what Bandwagon Hush had in store for us. What welcomed us after we stepped out of the bus was undoubtedly an audiophile’s version of heaven. We were dropped off at Treskul Records & Cafe to be greeted by Sixth The Northstar and The Diegos spinning. All the dancing, chilling, and drinking to the old and new school sounds made the anticipation worth it. 

Sixth The Northstar and The Diegos surprised Bandwagon Hush guests at Treskul Records & Cafe.

Hale, December Avenue, Twin Lobster, tide/edit, The Morning Episodes, Kjwan, and Pedicab made up the lineup of the last tour leg. Ranging from guitar riffs to synth waves, they  got the crowd bobbing their heads while singing along to their favorite bands’ tracks.

“Everyone on the roster has a backstory with Bandwagon,” Bandwagon PH’s country representative Camille Castillo explained. The acts not only fueled hope for Bandwagon, but for a new breed of local music as well. And isn’t that what Bandwagon stands for in the first place?

Hale, December Avenue, Twin Lobster, tide/edit, The Morning Episodes, Kjwan, and Pedicab made up the lineup of the last Bandwagon Birthday Tour leg.

As birthday gigs go, our friends from Bandwagon made sure that their third birthday will be etched in our brain for a while. Regardless of what this online Southeast Asian music portal has in store for us this year, one thing is certain — all their celebrations end on a high note. This one note will surely ring in our ears for a while.

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