Mementos from an ex-lover

Mementos from an ex-lover

“I kept it because it reminds me good things don’t have to last forever and that’s okay.”

There’s never an easy way to end things once you’ve decided to call it quits. The unnecessary drama, the heightened emotions, the fighting — y’know the drill. You go through the motions in hopes of finding closure at the end of it all.

Letting go of all of the memories shared during the relationship is harder than anyone can imagine. Some people write songs about their exes (ehem, Taylor Swift), while others choose the “easier” route by simply throwing away mementos from their exes. The rest keep these tokens to themselves — tucked away safely. Inspired by Hello Mr.’s Souvenirs, Young STAR asked five people to share mementos from their past lovers and what these objects signify.

A, writer/director, ticket and rocket origami

On October 23, 2009, I went to see (500) Days of Summer at a cinema by myself. This was a terrible idea because 17-year-old me imbibed all the main character’s unhealthy ideas about romantic love — and of course, I had to relate the film to my life. There was a boy with a habit of folding origami rockets out of receipts and giving them to you without really explaining what he meant by it. I kept these two things in my wallet for years after, sort of as a reminder of how disappointing love is when you’re stuck in your head, when you’re inventing a fantasy of you and someone else instead of trying to make sense of it in real terms.

P, senior social media producer, jersey shirt

This is his jersey from college, back when he played football for his department. I kept it because it reminds me good things don’t have to last forever and that’s okay.

J, director, plane ticket

These are our tickets from our first trip together. We went to Visayas to do a coverage on the victims and the aftermath of the Typhoon Haiyan. It was a pretty packed trip given the weight of the workload and the tight schedule. We only had one free night and we both decided to spend it together smoking while talking about Dada.

J, director, crystal globe

My last girlfriend is one of the most thoughtful and caring people that I know. The reason why she gifted me this crystal globe is that she noticed my deep interest in travelling. For some, this might seem like an ordinary gift but to me, this token encourages me to work harder towards my goals every day. It serves as a gentle reminder that I always have so much more to give.

E, student/freelance photographer, camera

At one point in my life, I thought it was ridiculous to pursue photography. On my 17th birthday, he surprised me by giving me this camera as a gift. He told me that I would make it no matter what. It still means a lot to me because he believed in me when nobody else did.

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