Madness is key

Photos by JC Cerilla

Costume designer and fashion stylist Eric Daman lives by a style motto: “You don’t have to be a rock star to look like one.”

In more ways than one, he is absolutely right. Trends trickle down, and become reductive as designers and brands alike saturate the market with the same old stuff. But spin it right and you have yourself a fresh look. Take for example Korea and Japan. We see street style on another level as sneaker culture and local indie designers play a key role in shaping modern culture. This is largely influenced by the explosion of K-Pop, as more of us become hyper aware of folks like G-Dragon, CL and T.O.P., models like Sang Woo Kim and Sung Jin Park and what they wear.

Today, these countr­ies have become go-to destinations for those looking to cop unique finds before they even become trends. Try the waist cinchers but keep it casual with an oversized tee. Get that vintage bomber jacket out of the closet but pair it with jogger pants and commit to an ’80s summer revival.

This has become the new normal: spinning our wardrobe and coming up with new ideas with no holds barred. It’s eccentric, and it forces us to mix and match to ultimately elevate whatever is readily available. So gather those statement earrings and fancy footwear, and add your own twist to the trend that everyone wants to try.

Go ahead, slay a little bit.

Swimsuit from Bench, harem pants from Cotton On, red oversized neoprene jacket by Tong Bautista
Black oversized jacket by Esme Palaganas (@basicmovement), black skinny jeans from Cotton On
On Gavin: Embroidered satin bomber jacket and off-white jeans both from Cotton On
Make-up by SLO LOPEZ
Assisted by DANA BARRO ZO

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