We made a playlist for Stranger Things’ Bob and Erica

Photos via Netflix | Art by Ina Jacobe

Minors spoilers ahead.

Stranger Things 2 has been out for over a week now, and we’re still recovering from our time in the Upside Down.  

If you haven’t watched it, we’re not judging you there’s still plenty of time to catch up. If the lack of time is what’s keeping you from Netflix and Chill-ing, there’s still a way to get that Stranger Things fix.

Spotify teamed up with Netflix for an interactive experience where they match your listening habits to musical profiles crafted for the likes of Steve Harrington (designated mom) to the Demagorgon (shoutout to whoever matched with that). Tip: share your playlists on social media to see something totally tubular.  

While we personally love Mad Max’s Sk8 Jams and Mike’s Basement Beats, we couldn’t help but notice that two of our faves didn’t get the same musical treatment. Let’s be real: Bob Newby and Erica Sinclair were the Barbs of Season 2. Less screen time doesn’t mean that they were any less important!  

Here, we give you Bob’s Superhero Sounds and Erica’s Sassy Songs for your listening pleasure.


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