Local makeup picks for your nine-to-fives and beyond

The month of July is weird, weather-wise. The bright sun beams all day and melts our makeup off. Come nighttime, as the chill kicks in, we’re left looking streaky and blotchy.

Long-lasting, durable makeup can be quite expensive though, and some of these brands are only available for purchase on international websites that require either a PayPal or a MasterCard number — both can be scary, if you, like me, aren’t quite capital-A adult yet.

Whatever the function of makeup and beauty is to you, I thought it would be handy to have a list of accessible makeup produced and sold locally. A caveat: I have used most of the products mentioned and can attest to their effectivity, but if you have especially sensitive skin, it’s best to hold off getting these until further research has been done on your end.


It’s canon in the skincare and makeup routine universe to cleanse, tone, moisturize. So do just that.

Now, there are two ways to go about the face-ics here: either you prime and use a lightweight foundation or directly put on a BB cream. I personally prefer BB cream in the humid summer-y months because it’s less product on the face, but if you have after-work or night-out plans and need a little bit more coverage, I’d suggest going the prime + foundation route.

Primer: Quick FX No Shine Mattifier
It’s important to set a good base for makeup when considering the durability of whatever makeup product you’re going to slap on your beautiful, cleansed, toned, and moisturized mug. Quick FX’s primer is for the oily to combination skin-havers out there. If you don’t want the full commitment of a 30g product and just want to test out, this primer also comes in a 10g sachet.

Foundation: Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret foundation

BB Cream: Fashion21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer SPF30 PA++
On a clear skin day, after tweeting about drinking more than eight glasses of water, I only wear concealer. I do what the locals would call “spot-concealing,” and yes, it is what is: concealing “problematic” spots like acne scars, or the pain of existence.

Concealer: Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret concealer


Loose powder: Nichido Final Powder in Ivory Glow or Creamy Glow
The most important nugget of wisdom I learned from watching 1,000 hours of YouTube makeup tutorial videos is to set your base. Honey, if we’re going from nine to five to the nightclub real quick, we can’t just let the natural response of our body to changes in temperature or weather (see: sweating) take over!!! We need a setting powder for that.


Blush: Colourette Cosmetics Coloursnaps in Milk
Again, I am into that “unnie” warm peach glow. If you’re like me, get the Coloursnaps in the shade Milk: I started walking and acting differently after wearing Milk as blush for a day.


Hello Gorgeous Unicorn Tears highlighter
Since the warm, smoldering rays of the sun are ever-present in July, I don’t wear highlighter that much; I’ll leave the highlighting job to my ~natural oils.~ But! If the local diva is ready to jump out, then this highlighter is for you. What’s good about a highlighter with a formula like Hello Gorgeous’ is that you can mix a tiny drop of Unicorn Tears on your foundation or your BB cream and achieve a “from within” glow.

Setting Spray: Nichido

The jury’s out on this one, so I’ll keep the description short. Nichido’s setting spray is an icon in the setting spray market; lasts nine to five till the morning after. My friends and I sign our names on this holy grail product. You can slide into our DMs and we can gush about it.


Eyeshadow: Colourette Cosmetics ‘Coloursnaps’ in Golden or the Detail ‘Autumn’ Eyeshadow Palette
I attest to the convenience of the “Coloursnaps” multi-purpose tinted balm. Tap it lightly on the lids to create that coveted K-Pop “unnie” peachy glow or layer it on, even mix ‘n’ match different shades, to create a fuller eyeshadow look.

Or, I would suggest taking the high road with Detail’s ‘Autumn’ eyeshadow palette. Each individual colors on the palette are complementary and I think would suit every Filipina skin tone.

Eyeliner: Pink Sugar Eye Candy All Day Line
I’m not an eyeliner gal, but if you are, I recommend Pink Sugar’s. Get that wing, kitty girl.

Brows: Ever Bilena Pro Brow Liner (Fling)
It has recently come to everyone’s collective consciousness that Rihanna Herself does her own brows. Queen of taking charge of her own brows! We have decided to stan. (And take charge of our own brow game, too.)


Lip tint: Colourette Cosmetics Lip Tint in Zola (brown tint)
Here’s where I make my most Controversial Stand: lip tints for the summer (and maybe for the entirety of the year in this tropical-ass, humid country???) are topnotch! Matte lipstick who?! Surprisingly, Colourette’s lip tints look matte after they’ve dried, minus the long-term commitment of a Real Matte Lipstick and the lip-cracking.

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