#LiveBetter today, conquer tomorrow

#LiveBetter today, conquer tomorrow

Let Solenn Heusaff, Will Dasovich, Mond Gutierrez, and Nico Bolzico lead you to a better life.

This year, Philam Life is proving to us young’uns that insurance isn’t as unfashionable as we might think. With their new #LiveBetter campaign, Philam empowers Filipinos to raise their quality of life by making better everyday lifestyle choices — especially in terms of food, fitness, wellness, and finance.

At #LiveBetter’s launch last May 25, we met the (not-at-all-unfamiliar) faces of the campaign: Solenn Heussaff for food, YouTube vlogger Will Dasovich for fitness, shiny new fitspiration Raymond “Mond” Gutierrez for wellness, and everyone’s favorite Solenn’s husband Nico Bolzico for finance. (“When I’m not Solenn’s husband, I’m also an entrepreneur,” Nico teases. Oh, Nico. Sweet, pure Nico.)

“There are four lifestyle choices that contribute to 60% of deaths,” shares Philam Life’s Chief Marketing Officer Tim Marriot, “Drinking too much, smoking, not exercising, and eating unhealthily.” They’ve got one thing in common, he points out: they’re all choices. So why not choose something else for yourself, am I right? Choosing the four ambassadors was a no-brainer. Not only were these four personalities certified fitspos in their own right, but their legions of followers on social media gave them the power to inspire real change.

Essential to the #LiveBetter campaign is the Vitality Program, which is supposed to be a “holistic program that helps Filipinos Live Better, by letting them take charge of their overall health, their mind, body, as well as their financial wellness,” explains Tim Marriott. Basically, you get points for exercising (you can literally sync the Vitality Program with your FitBit) and doing other healthful things. Everyone knows we need material rewards to motivate ourselves to go to the gym. Sheer willpower never suffices. (Or is that just me?)

“Live Better also means that we are taking great strides to make it easier to for our customers to do business with us, including making significant investments in new technologies that will enhance our customers’ experience,” adds Head of Brand and Communications Bernadette Chincuanco. Did insurance just get an upgrade? In fact, did it just get bedazzled?

#LiveBetter with Philam Life at their upcoming Wellness Expo this June 24 to 25 at the Trinoma Activity Center. Chill out with Solenn, Will, Mond, Nico, as well as the other two #LiveBetter amabassadors Mika Reyes and Alyssa Valdez. Check out www.facebook.com/PhilamLifeAIA for more deets!


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