Listen to Curtismith’s new EP while you still can

When you’re stuck in traffic and it starts to rain, everything suddenly becomes poetic. The traffic doesn’t seem so bad and the grey skies feel more comforting. The only thing missing is the right background music.

Cue: Curtismith, one of the most sought-after rappers in Manila. He’s known in the local hiphop scene, has performed for music festivals like Wanderland, and rapped for Virgin Records’ founder Richard Branson. In his previous albums, “Failing Forward” and “Ideal”, he raps openly of his struggles. He’s an open book using his songs as his stories. He keeps his raps real and his sound raw. Last Jan. 31, Curtismith dropped “Rehearsals”, an EP of recorded live demos. But here’s the catch, it’s only up for 24 hours.

Included in the collection are five new tracks all infused with jazz elements. He opens slow with Waves and Hornz, then eventually amps the pace after every track. Come Philo, it gets livelier. Trumpets are heard within the first 30 seconds, already grabbing your attention. Push Lang keeps your energy high with its beats and rhythm. Closing the EP, Villarosa mellows the whole album down but still retains its smooth jazzy vibe. The trumpets and the cymbals add this new mod touch to Curtismith’s rapping. It falls far from what we’re used to hearing from him. Before we heard him rapping against chill electronic beats, now he updates it with jazz and does it seamlessly.

If you’re looking for the perfect background music to complement these poetic moments, put on “Rehearsals” on full blast. You won’t regret it.


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