Linya-Linya encourages you to #WearYourFeelings

We love statement tees as much as the next person, but sometimes self-expression can only go so far. It’s a different thing entirely when the way you feel is a distinctly Filipino emotion that can’t be translated.

Enter clothing brand Linya-Linya, which takes it name both from the witty one-liners seen on its shirts and the lines that make up the clever doodles that accompany them. Their #WearYourFeelings campaign is just the remedy you need for wearing your heart on your sleeve. The face of the campaign is blogger, musician, and actress Saab Magalona, who embodies the campaign’s mission perfectly. She’s as real as they get: passionate, outspoken, and with great style to boot.

Saab Magalona tells it like it is for Linya-Linya’s #WearYourFeelings campaign.

Fun fact: Linya-Linya started off as a way for co-owners Ali Sangalang and Panch Alvarez to vent out their frustrations about their day jobs and to react to day-to-day Filipino experiences, and this means they’ve finally come full circle with the #WearYourFeelings campaign. Whether you’re deliriously happy or less than chipper, the goal of the campaign is to foster connections and help people express their sentiments in a way that’s creative, fun, and fashionable.

Because if Mean Girls says you can eat your feelings and you can, well, feel them, who says you can’t wear ‘em?

Linya-Linya stores are located in SM Megamall, Glorietta 1, UP Town Center, and Market! Market!. For more information, visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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