If you liked ‘Coco,’ check out these films

Ever since Disney and Pixar made the announcement that they’d make a movie set in Mexico, everyone was ecstatic. Our saving grace from the lineup of mostly white movies they’ve been giving us for years came in the form of a charming movie called Coco. Twenty minutes in the movie and it’s easy to identify our culture in theirs. Scary strict grandparents? Clingy family members? Check and check.

If you’re looking for films cut from more or less the same cultural cloth, check out Cine Latino happening from December 6 to 10 at the Shangri-La Plaza’s Shang Cineplex. This is the first Latin American Film Festival in the Metro, and it comes just in time to ride your Coco-induced high. Films and shorts from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela will be shown during the week.

Here are some of the movies we’re looking forward to seeing.


El Hijo de la Novia (Son of the Bride) directed by Juan José Campanella

Genre: Drama, Comedy

42-year-old Rafael is having some sort of a mid-life crisis. A minor heart attack pushes him to reunite with his childhood friend.. Watch this with your tita who can’t seem to get enough of her telenovela fix.



Cidade de Deus (City of God) directed by Fernando Meirelles

Genre: Drama

Set in the City of God in the early 60s, the story is told through the eyes of a young, keen-eyed photographer Busca-Pé. His violent environment helps him realize that he sees things in a different light. Watch it if you haven’t seen this cinema classic.



Subterra directed by Marcelo Ferrari

Genre: Drama

This tells the story of a workers’ uprising in one of the largest coal mines in the world. One courageous man triggers the movement, while the bosses plan on expanding the business. Watch this for enlightenment. Trust me we all need that right now.



Sofía y el Terco (Sofia and the Stubborn) directed by Andrés Burgos

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Having been surrounded by mountains all her life, Sofia has always wanted to explore the sea. However, her husband keeps delaying her trip. Watch this if you want a quirky film that’s not by Wes Anderson.



El Comienzo del Tiempo (The Beginning of Time) directed by Bernardo Arellano

Genre: Drama

An elderly couple in their 90s find themselves in deep trouble when their pension gets suspended. Their lives change when their son and grandson — who’ve both been absent for ten years — suddenly reappear in their lives. Watch this if you want to see a really heartwarming story with your family.



El Chance (The Chance) directed by Abner Benaim

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Two housekeepers seek revenge against the aristocratic family they have been working for. When the family goes on a shopping trip, they plot to take over the mansion. Watch this if you want a healthy dose of schadenfreude with your gal pals.



Hermano (Brother) directed by Marcel Rasquin

Genre: Drama

Football has been the passion of brothers Daniel and Julio. However, when tragedy shakes their family, they have to make a decision: keep the family together, seek revenge, or pursue their dream. Watch this if you want to see cute boys play sports.


For the full schedule, check out their Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s Facebook page.

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