Let Nam Joo Hyuk and Dara help you plan your FanCon OOTDs

Early ticket redemption for the Penshoppe FanCon has begun, and you know what that means: it’s about time you start planning your outfit for the big day. You could be one of the lucky few to get called onstage, or possibly live out a fanfic scenario (no promises there).

If you, like us, seem to always turn into awkward llamas in photos no matter how hard you try to look cool, it might be time to get help from the pros. And by pros, we mean Nam Joo Hyuk and Sandara Park themselves.

As expected of certified K-idols, their off-duty outfits and street style game is always on point. Take cues from some of Joo Hyuk and Dara’s coolest Insta looks and you’ll be out there serving your own in no time.   

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The casual leg stretch

Grab a book (or your phone), plop yourself down on the nearest bench or sofa, and stretch that leg. Make sure to look at your book/phone intently to give the illusion that that’s how you always look while reading.

Relaxed Fit Chinos With Pleated Front Detail, P999

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The effortless lean

Step 1: Find a cool-looking wall. Step 2: Lean. Pro-tip: extend one leg a bit forward while bending the other leg to give the illusion that you’re a chill gal who does this every day (even though you’re freaking out inside).

Lace-up Denim Skirt, P899

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The unbothered eating pic

It’s always a good idea to pair an oversized sweater with your comfiest jeans. To complete the look, head to the nearest McDo for a soft serve cone and get your best bud to take a couple of candids of you eating. The key here is to take multiple shots and post all of them for good measure.

Men’s oversized pullover, P899

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The no face

If you’re going for that “I’m too cool 4 u” vibe, there’s no going wrong with a denim top and fanny pack combo. Style your hair so that it’s strategically covering your face — this pose was designed for anyone who’d rather not look at the camera, after all.  

Denim Boxy Tee, P699

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The pa-cool nightlife stance

Your post-fanmeet pic doesn’t have to look haggard. All you gotta do is put on your most idol-esque cap, tilt your head a ‘lil bit, and gaze cooly at the camera. We promise it’ll look better than you think it will.

Caps, P299 each

The Penshoppe FanCon is happening on July 29 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. For early ticket redemption, head on over to SM Mall of Asia from July 16 to 27 and look for the Penshoppe booth at Level 1 South Entertainment Hall. Shop the products mentioned here on the Penshoppe website.

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