There’s no better way to greet our Big Two-Zero than a killer birthday bash

There’s no better way to greet the Big Two-Zero than a killer birthday bash. Complete with goodie bags, ice cream carts, birthday balloons, and all our favorite friends in attendance, it’s the best #YSProm we could ever ask for. And the icing on top of the cake (pun intended) is the birthday treat our ninangs from Cupcakes by Sonja whipped up for the big day.

Ninang Sonja sure knows how to make a godchild happy as she whipped up the perfect birthday cake. Imagine this: an 18-inch chocolate birthday cake with chocolate buttercream filling and buttercream icing –– because who in their right mind doesn’t love buttercream? To finish it all off, they left a birthday greeting in classic red icing surrounded by a garden of sweet decorative flowers, reminiscent of all the birthday cakes we’ve probably all had during our childhood years. It’s perfect for the nostalgic children’s party vibe we were going for.

Ice queen: Cupcakes by Sonja knows best when it comes to birthday cakes.

You’d think all of that would’ve been more than enough, but the blessings just keep on pouring. They’re also giving away donuts to finish the night on a sweeter note. It’s our party and we can do what we want to. Yes, you can have both. Talk about best birthday ever.

A break from adulting has never been this fun. In case you missed it, there’s always the #YSProm hashtag to keep your FOMO in check.

Photo by Cru Camara
Produced by Neal Corpus and Maine Manalansan

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