Last-minute Halloween looks for crammers

Photos courtesy of Nyx Professional Makeup

We know you’re reading this because you still don’t have a costume for that Halloween party coming up. Fret not, fellow crammer friend. You’ve come to the right place. Forget about wearing the oldie but not goodie cat ears and demon horns, ‘cos tonight you’re going to get creative with makeup.

NYX Professional Makeup has what every beauty junkie needs to have for his or her Halloween lewq~ sorted. From Taylor Swift’s infamous red lips to Archie Andrew’s black eye, they’ve got you covered.

Taylor Swift in Look What You Made Me Do

Look: Smokey eyes and her ever famous blue-toned red lips

Need: Ultimate Shadow Palette in Smokey & Highlight and High Voltage lipstick in Hollywood

Curl your hair as if you’re about to attend prom and paint your nails bright red. We know you’re still in the anger stage of your break up so this look makes perfect sense. Now, you just gotta find a tub full of diamonds.

Glow by Netflix

Look: Big hair, glitters, and highlights

Need: Ultimate Shadow Palettes in Brights, Strobe of Genius Palette, setting spray

It’s time to show off those guns and that booty tonight! Get yourself some fab ‘80s swimsuits ‘cause those hours in the gym did you good. Call your crossfit girl gang cause y’all are about to put on a show tonight.

Archie Andrews from Riverdale

Look: A bloody mess

Need: Lid Lingerie palette, Auto Eyebrow Pencil, Nyx Suede Lipstick

Blood, bruises, and brows. To achieve this troubled look by Archie Andrews you’re going to be needing a white shirt you can spread fake blood on, a jersey jacket, and a styling cream to add volume to your hair. Have courage and save some lives tonight the whole town is watching.

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