Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

by  Rob Cham
Art by Rob Cham






One day left before the big day. Do you have your Halloween costumes yet? Don’t be basic and go the predictable route. Nobody wants to see you in your superhero costume for the nth time. This week, we asked illustrator Rob Cham to come up with costume mashups that are anything but basic.

1. Joy

Let’s consider the missed marketing opportunity the dishwashing liquid had with Pixar’s latest film. Why let it go to waste? Joy? Endorsing Joy? Isn’t that just perfect? Jump on that opportunity train and ride it all the way to Best Costume town for your Halloween party of choice.

2. Star War Boy

Mad Max Fury Road reintroduced us to the concept of fanatic road warriors dedicated to their Darth Vader-like Immortan Joe, mirroring the fanatic Star Wars fans dedicated to their Darth Vader-focused sagas. I LIVE. I BUY. I LIVE AGAIN.

3. Heneral ‘Luna’

Luna means moon. Get it? Get it? Moving on…

4. Stephen ‘Curry’

Take the most popular NBA player and the most popular Indian dish to make a groan-worthy costume for the ages.

5. Iglesia ni MRT

I just thought, putting together two of the most well-known causes of EDSA commuter woes… Never mind.

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