How to land that summer internship

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to get an internship. By now, you probably know the benefits of going on an internship — getting valuable experience, networking with industry people, and it’s going to look good on your résumé. I know it sounds like you’re going to trade away precious down- time from toiling away at school, and you’re going to get work experience when you actually start working anyway, but trust me: an internship will soften the blow of having to transition into a working life and make it less jarring.

But where do you even begin? You might find yourself poking around in the dark when it comes to applying for an internship — because, surprise, your school probably won’t hold your hand through this process — but that’s what we’re here for. And lucky for you, ride-sharing app Uber is looking for a capable few to join their ranks as an intern come summer break. And no, there won’t be any horror stories of getting coffee and making copies here. Young STAR sat down with a couple of their former interns, some of whom actually work for Uber now, and the overwhelming response was that the experience was more challenging than the usual internship, and definitely more rewarding.

In a span of eight weeks, interns at Uber are immersed in either operations, marketing, partnerships or analytics. On top of that, each batch of interns is given the chance to head their own projects, the fruits of which sometimes are actually launched for public consumption and absorbed into the way the app works. If you’ve called for an Uber from a mall or a popular establishment, you’ll notice how you can pick which exit to get fetched from — yup, designed by an intern. The best part? You get a cash allowance and monthly Uber rides. But enough of the perks. Let’s talk about how you’re actually going to land this internship. Apart from sharing their experiences, the former interns of Uber dished out some tips on how to make the most out of your next internship, and how to get there.

Know your goals
The first thing to think about is what you actually want to get out of this internship. What are you passionate about, and how do you want to make an impact? Apart from answering these questions, make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to maximize what you can contribute, along with your experience as a whole.


Do your research
It goes without saying that doing research on the company you’re applying for is key. The last thing you want is to stutter when they ask what you know about the company (because they will ask you). Apart from that, doing your research will allow you to evaluate whether or not the company will be a good fit, and if you’ll be able to grow not only as a professional, but as a person as well.

No coffees and copies here: Interns at Uber get a chance to work on a batch project that they work on for eight week.

Update your CV and brush up on your skills
You’re going to have to be able to do what you say you can on your CV — do you actually know how to use Excel? Are you actually fluent in French apart from “bonjour”? Beyond that, play up the skills you’re confident in, and match your skills to the ones that the company is looking for. If you’re part of an organization and have a lot of relevant extracurricular activities, put those in there. But take note: keep it short. Anything longer than one page is long, and they’re probably not going to care that you got two gold stars in kindergarten.


Make the most out of it
It’s easy to just sit around and wait for assignments, but having initiative is always a good thing in an employer’s eyes. Apart from learning a lot, you will get chances to network with important people. Milk that, because if you make a good impression, these connections will open doors for you in the future. Don’t forget to get to know your fellow interns as well: these are the people you’re going to work with in the future, so don’t burn any bridges this early in the game. And don’t forget to have fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes — as long as you learn and grow from them.


For more information on the Uber internship program, visit t.uber. com/phinternship2018. Deadline of applications is on Feb. 5.


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