We know where you can get spiked gummy bears and vegan animal crackers

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s perfectly normal to suddenly feel a hankering to gorge yourself on candy and other things that are bad for you. It may just be the spirit of the season — or maybe it’s because you’re burned out and need a quick energy boost.

Either way, now that you’re a grownup, it has its perks and downsides. Pro: You know junk food isn’t good for you and can no longer indulge in mindless consumption. Con: You know junk food isn’t good for you and can no longer indulge in mindless consumption.

The folks at Honest Junk have found a loophole: they’ve developed healthy, feel-good snacks that taste delicious without making a dent in your wallet, making them guilt-free in every way.

Take their Zooper Cookies, for example, which are shaped like animal crackers. They’re vegan, low in sodium and sugar, packed with superfoods, and free of dairy, gluten, or nuts. We’re obsessed with the coco chia and coco chip flavors, but the malunggay, green tea, and cinnamon aren’t half bad either.

Forget the gummy bears at the pick ‘n’ mix. The brand’s Super Gummies just taste so much better with natural fruit juice and no artificial flavors or colors. Like their animal cookie friends, they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free, and they’re also low in sugar. If you’re having an extra bad day, try them spiked: all the boozy goodness of a tequila sunrise or a margarita, now in a gummy bear.

They’ve also branched out to savory treats with Cheese Barks, thin and crunchy cheese crackers made with farmhouse fresh cheese from Malagos Farms in Mindanao. Whether you try the original malunggay variant or the tangy turmeric (or both), you can rest assured that what you’re eating is gluten-free and nut-free and low in sodium, and has no sugar or artificial colors and flavors.

Now you can always treat yo’ self. No tricks here — only the ones that let you enjoy Honest Junk as much as you want.


For more information, check out Honest Junk on Facebook.

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